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Ik Osakioduwa celebrate 8th wedding anniversary PHOTOS

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Thursday, 6 October 2016 | 09:52

Ik Osakioduwa celebrate 8th wedding anniversary

Pokello’s pink bottom shoes debut in Botswana

Pokello’s pink bottom shoes debut in Botswana

Former Big Brother Africa BBA housemate Pokello Nare has launched her shoe line at the up market store in Phakalane, Materialgirlz. Pokello was also the main attraction at the launch this past Saturday.

The storeowner, Charity Baaitse said she decided to have Pokello’s shoe line because of its uniqueness.

She said that pink bottom shoes are now the ‘in thing’ and they are a must have for every girl and or woman.

“Pink bottom shoes have become quite popular, they have become a must have in every girl’s wardrobe,” she said.

“The question would now be why Pokello’s pink bottoms. Well she is a force to reckon with, almost every woman in Africa adores her and her style.

“Plus they are really comfortable and affordable, she had put a lot of hard work and sweat in her brand and we only wanted to be associated with such,” Baaitse said.

Three international shoe designers, namely Sophia Webster,

Sergio Rossi and Christian Louboutin, inspired the shoe line.

Notably the shoes were named after her Big Brother housemates including amongst others Botswana’s rep Motamma, MotammaMalt.

Others include Tanzania’s Feza called Kessymint and, the season’s winner Namibia’s Dillish called DilishgoldDust. The shoes are going at only P1,690 per pair.

About the store, Materialgirlz, Baaitse said that she offers a wide range of fashion garments which cater for both the plus size women, expecting mothers as well as for the young funky girls.

“There is a corner for every single woman here, whether you are a plus size, expecting or the corporate look, there is everything for everyone,” she said. The store is located at the Mowana Park in Phakalane.

Exclusive photo: Vicky Zugah and BIG BROTHER AFRICA star, Bolt welcome baby boy

Exclusive photo: Vicky Zugah and BBA star, Bolt welcome baby boy

Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah and her partner, Sierra Leone’s Big Brother Africa (The Chase) star, Bolt have welcomed a baby boy, can confirm.
The actress delivered the boy, named André, on August 31 at exactly 3pm at a private hospital in Accra.
Vicky, who has been off the screens for some time now, has been linked with Big Brother Chase star Bolt, born Adrian Bolt Lewis.
Although she has denied the rumours, the two, gathers, are engaged.
Recently, the actress denied media reports that she was pregnant. Her pregnancy was however confirmed after pictures of her baby bump hit the internet.
André will be outdoored in November this year.

PHOTO: See Ivan Carapichoso's Bae Outside Big Brother Angola e Mozambique

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Monday, 11 April 2016 | 06:06

PHOTO: See Ivan Carapichoso's Bae Outside Big Brother Angola e Mozambique

big brother angola

First Ever S3x at Big Brother Xtremo 2016 (Angola and Mozambique)

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Thursday, 24 March 2016 | 02:44

First Ever S3x at Big Brother Xtremo 2016 (Angola and Mozambique)

big brother xtremo

ivan dread

I don't bleach, Huddah Reveals

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Monday, 14 March 2016 | 06:10

huddah anita bleach skin

As Uganda's top socialite Anita Fabiola plans to join Nollywood, things don't seem rosy for her. Kenyan socialite, Alhuda Njoroge, aka Huddah Monroe is worried she could easily encroach on her space.

Not long back, Fabiola got a job slot with DSTV's Africa Magic something that has brought her in close proximity to the Nollywood stars like; Van Vicker, Ramseh Nuoah and Desmond Elliot among others. The TV presenter cum radio host was last spotted in Lagos, Nigeria during the Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards having fun with the stars.

However, all does not seem well for the former NTV Uganda's 'Be-My-Date' host going by what Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe has written on her wall.

Using her Facebook profile, Huddah reached out to all Ugandans who were sending her Fabiola's pics to be 'careful' or else they will be blocked from accessing her social portfolios thus missing out on a daily doze of her yellow thighs, curves and tattoos.

"Now, Let this be my last warning. I'm fed up of this pic in my inbox. Whoever sends it again, am going to block you. Loving East Africa doesn't guarantee Ugandans to attack me in my inbox."

The ex-Big Brother star went on to write that Fabiola should be spared as her (Huddah) is a class apart.

"NB, am natural and I don't bleach. Am a class above. Spare that little poor girl. She has a long way to go..."

Anita Fabiola is yet to reply. The two share a lot in common ranging from the skin complexion, curvy, their birthday pics have leaked on the internet and so on.

Huddah's grabber statement is; 'Use your V to get what you want,' while Anta's is; "Your network is networth.." so for now though, we will continue to watch that space!!

Prezzo Busted Cozying Up With Huddah At A Popular Nairobi Nightclub (Video)

Former BBA Housemates: Prezzo and Huddah Link up at a Popular Nairobi Night Club... Are they back together?

huddah prezzo

Huddah Monroe and Prezzo were an item back in the days but their relationship faded fast than it blossomed.

Just last week, Prezzo was seen with bi-sexual rapper Noti Flow in bed together while they were in their birthday suit.

Their romantic escapade sparked speculation Prezzo could have started another brief relationship with Noti Flow.

Well, it turned out to be a one-night stand as Prezzo was seen flirting with his ex sweetheart Huddah Monroe at a city nightclub.

Huddah was getting all sweet with the ‘My City My Town’ rapper as she recorded the moment with her phone.

Watch the video below:

Photos: Check out what Munya of Big Brother Africa looks like now

munya big brother africa

munya big brother africa

Remember Uti Nwachukwu's arch rival in the Big Brother Africa 2010 house, Munya.

Well, we may not have heard from him in a while, but dude is not idle. He is currently into movie production and I hear he is doing pretty well. Another picture after the jump

munya big brother africa

Blue Mbombo's Boyfriend Shares Throw Back Photo

Blue Mbombo's Boyfriend, Katlego Mabusela Shares Throw Back Photo

katlego mabusela

Did Former Mzansi Housemate Get a B00b Job?

Did former Big Brother Mzansi housemate Blue Mbombo get a booob job? See how perfect her bwebs look... this is not what we saw during shower hour in Big Brother Mzansi... Word on the streets is that the former runner up may have done a b00b job to enhance her looks for screenplays. See before and after pictures of her derriere

blue mbombo boob job

blue mbombo

Big Brother's Blue to release her own clothing range

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Thursday, 3 March 2016 | 05:59

Johannesburg - Not content with dominating our TV screens, reality star Blue Mbombo is set to take over our closets too.

According to Sowetan, the Big Brother runner-up has decided to release her own fashion range.

And yes, you're right: it will be in denim *cue: Blue denim jokes*

The range will be released under the Dutchess Blue Denim label early next year, but Blue reveals that she has already travelled to look at production ideas.

"I went to China two weeks ago, I came back on the fourth. Obviously it was a business trip and not a holiday. I just wanted to see business that side, with regards to bringing material this side. What do you have to pay? Which factories to work with? If I should design things from scratch in China."

We can't wait to see her range!

Bootylicious Singer Reveals She Is Craving For A Piece Of Ex TPF Host Gaetano Kagwa

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Thursday, 4 February 2016 | 21:30

Her heart skips a beat every time Gaetano Kagwe’s name is mentioned. She is craving for a piece of him like crazy.
Ugandan songbird, Winnie Nwagi, confessed she longs for Gaetano Kagwa to warm her bed. The curvaceous singer revealed she has been having a craving for Gaetano for years.

Gaetano is a former Ugandan Big Brother Africa representative who also hosted Tusker Project Fame with Sheila Mwanyigha.
Winnie Nwagi has no shame disclosing she loves EVERYTHING about Gaetano Kagwa.
“I like everything about him, I love the way he talks, the way he expresses himself. He’s just so good.” Nwagi told a Ugandan radio.
gae nwagi3

Why Does She Keep Posing Nekkid? Van Lexi Does it Again in a Swimming Pool

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Monday, 14 December 2015 | 05:44

Former Mzansi Housemate Won't stop showing skin. She recently did it again inside a swimming pool, with only her bikini on. Do you think that she is a petrol head?

Former BBA Aspirant from Kenya: Vera Sidika Visited Uganda Recently... Ugandans Almost Made it a Public Holiday!!!

vera sidika

Two l3sbians, Dillish Mathews and Maria Nepembe Post a Selfie after Sleeping with each other

Two African L3sb1ans Caught in the Act

Two African l#$% were gracious enough to post a selfie after doing it the whole night and waking up in the morning, looking evidently tired. The duo, who are said to have featured in Big Brother Africa decided to post a selfie after doing their act and captioned it "What a night!"....

Late for work again? Just Post a Selfie - Chelsea Humphrey Explains What To Do when Your're late for work again

If you're ever late for work again, just post a selfie on your instagram page. This is what Chelsea humphrey does when she realizes she's late for work again. Do you think that is the best thing to do when you're late for work?

Is Samantha Jansen Dating Tayo Faniran's Producer Lekan King Kong? See The details

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Saturday, 12 December 2015 | 14:19

Could former Big Brother Africa Hotshots housemate Samantha Jansen be dating Tayo's producer in any way? Following the launch of her new clothing line, "Plane Jane Lingerie Fashions", Samantha has been all over her Instagram page sending clues that she could be dating her former Hotshot contestant's Producer, Lekan King Kong.

Fiddling with her filters, Samantha wrote "Lekan King Kong" on one of her Instagram posts, prompting an uproar on her post as fans asked whether she has hooked up with Nigeria's Lekan King Kong. Tayo has since released another reggae hit song, 'Victory Line' alongside his buddy, friend and producer, Lekan King Kong.

samantha jansen

Big Brother M4sturbation Video: Did Jeff Weldon M4sturbate On Julia Nolan?

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Monday, 2 November 2015 | 13:20

 Big Brother M4sturbation Video: Did Jeff Weldon M4sturbate On Julia Nolan?

Did a “Big Brother” contestant masturbate on a fellow housemate? As gross as it sounds, that’s what it looks like based on footage of Jeff Weldon and Julia Nolan from the CBS’ show live feeds. See below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the 17th season of the hit reality show premiered last month with a new cast, including the series’ first-ever transgender contestant. There was also a major twist when Liz Nolan’s twin sister Julia was revealed to be a secret housemate earlier this week. And, as often happens on the show, Julia and Jeff ended up sharing a bed together on Thursday night.

As seen on the live feeds, which viewers can stream online to see what’s going on in the house at random times, they were laying side by side as Jeff seemed to be doing a… motion… underneath the covers while they talked. Julia was actually facing away from him, with a bandana covering her eyes. After more than a minute, Jeff leaned over and touched Julia’s shoulder, claiming she had something on it.

“You have a little stain right here,” he told her. When Julia asked what it was, Jeff said, “It actually feels kinda sticky.” Many interpreted the moment as Jeff actually wiping his semen on her, and a number of viewers have taken to Twitter to complain.

CBS has not yet addressed the incident, and it remains to be seen whether it will be brought up on Sunday’s broadcast. If so inclined, video of the so-called “masturbation” is below.


Written By BigBrother Kenya on Sunday, 25 October 2015 | 03:15

One of two Ghana representatives at the Big Brother Africa, The Chase, reality show, 2013, Selorm Galley has disclosed what really happened between her and Tanzanian representative, Nando.

According to the actress, contrary to rumours that she had sex with the East African, she didn’t, adding they only cuddled. “I did not sleep with Nando, all that we did was to kiss and cuddle, she said on the Dealy television Show.

As to how she thought her boyfriend now husband, Cartel Big J felt seeing her kissing another man, she said; “obviously, his ego was bruised but I got so much support that he did not have to worry about anything.

“Again, he spoke to the producers of the show and they told him a lot of things, things that I think he was okay with.” Selly is a talk show host, actress, producer and an entrepreneur. She is best known for her talk show dubbed Cine Afrik Premieres on Joy TV.

Meet Big Brother Mzansi Winner Mandla hlatshwayo's Baby Mama

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Tuesday, 20 October 2015 | 00:29

Meet Big Brother Mzansi Winner Mandla hlatshwayo's Baby Mama,Meet the winner of Season 1 of BBM 'Big Brother Mzansi Secrets' Mandla hlatshwayo's baby mama Thandiwe Kobile Sthandwa from Sebokeng which is a township in southern Gauteng, South Africa near the industrial city of Vanderbijlpark.

Well her real name is Thandiwe Kobile where as Sthandwa is just her nickname, she has a child with Mandla hlatshwayo though they're not together any more.

But were they together at one time?? yes they were but that was before Mandla even came to the Big Brother house. It is understood that by the time the lad entered Biggie's house, he and his then partner Kobile had relationship issues to solve.

The issues were mainly arising from claims that Mandla had cheated on Kobile on multiple occasions with other girls in the neighbourhood.

And during Mandla's stay inside the Big Brother Mzansi house, he happened to fall in love with fellow housemate Lexi with whom he even had live sex with on several occasions.

At the end of the show, Mandla was announced as the winner of Big Brother Mzansi Season 1 winning 1 million Rand.

At that time Kobile told our reporter that she was waiting for Hlatshwayo to come back from his Big Brother Mzansi engagements so that they could talk out their problems.

"I now understand that Mandla was probably acting or playing the game and I'm willing to forgive him and see where we can take our relationship. I still love him and I would still love him even if he didn't win the million," she said.

She added that if she and Hlatshwayo did get back together , they would "obviously do HIV testing because Mandla was having unprotected sex with that girl".

And on the other hand Lexi 'Brumilda Van Niekerk' informed that she was going to move from Cape Town to Joburg to start a career in the entertainment industry.

But Kobile said she was not threatened by that. "If Mandla is okay with it, then I'm okay. Mandla ke motho waka (is my man). Nothing will change that."

As we speak now, Mandla chose Lexi over Kobile and the pair are living together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Kobile has since been very quite in that she even abandoned her social media accounts like facebook.

Our efforts to have a word with before the publishing of this post were unfruitful as her phone was also switched off.

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