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Roki is being Sued By Ex-Wife For Child Support

Roki Sued By Ex-Wife For Child Support

Mafriq diva Pauline Gundidza is claiming US$800 from her ex-husband, former Big Brother Africa (StarGame) housemate, Rockford 'Roki' Josphat for the upkeep of their two children.The Herald reports that the matter was supposed to be heard by magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza on January 8, but was removed from the roll after both parties defaulted.

According to sources at the court, it is alleged that Josphat was seen standing at the court's main gate in the morning, but later disappeared.

In her application, Gundidza was claiming US$800 for the upkeep of her two children – Skye Inzwirashe Josphat and Minana Joy – who are aged five and 10 years.

"He is not providing for school and creche fees, housekeeper, food, clothing and medical aid," reads part of Gundidza's application.

Gundidza stated in her application that from the US$800, US$300 is for rent, utilities US$50, food US$100, maid US$100, medical aid US$20, school and creche fees US$200 and US$30 clothes.
"We married under customary law, had two children and then divorced. He is a musician and a producer at Washen Basket Studio."

Gundidza claimed Zimbabwe's controversial urban grooves musician was earning US$2,000 a month and was able to pay the US$800 per month for their two children.

Macky2 Shows off in His . Did He Buy it After stealing Copper?

Macky2  recently posted photos showing off a sleek brand new hummer. The car is one of it's kind and is usually normally used for military operations as reported in leading media organizations. It is said that the car "Hummer" is used for heavy military operations by the Americans in the middle east where there is a lot of sand and the car is best suited for those conditions.

But back here in Zambia, this sleek Hummer is being used as a luxury car. Macky2, who is said to be one of the richest artists in Zambia shows it off in swag. Macky2 is also reportedly a thief as he is said to have stolen copper worth thousands of dollars in Zambia.

We would like to ask, did Macky2 buy this luxurious car with his own money or not? See the pictures..



Samantha Meet's Idris's Parents And Work out a Marriage Plan

It may seem now that Idris and Samantha could be working out a marriage plan as the two are now visiting Idris's parents. Idris has reportedly taken Samantha to his family at his home for approval to see if they could work out a marriage plan. 

Over the holiday season, the Big Brother Hotshots winner took Samantha to his parents and relatives and now it looks like they have officially given him a green light.

Samantha was delighted by the reception she got from Idris' family and she took to social media to share her joy with the world, "They've only been good to me and I can't say thank you enough. How people can love you this much but only no you a few weeks is beyond me . God bless your beautiful hearts. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you #beautifulhearts #beautifulsouls #love #life #blessings #blessed #amazing #namaste #peace #happiness #godfirst" she wrote, captioning the photo below;

Earlier on the two had a romantic leisure holiday in Zanzibar Island before flying back to mainland Tanzania for other festivities.
samantha idris family

Samantha accompanied Idris to Diamond Platinumz's Dar Live Christmas concert and he couldn't hide his love for her with the couple getting on stage holding each in a very romantic way. Later @IdrisSultan shared that "On your walk to fame and success take your true friends with you they deserve it."

Meanwhile, a source close to the duo told BBAFanClub that, "they get on so well and have always had a special connection from the moment they met on the BBA show. Now they have found each other again and it feels like this is it."

Ellah wants to marry Idris Sultan, as soon as he's done with USD 300,000

Uganda's Ellah thinks Idris Sultan is her ideal man, and she would like to marry him. Ellah revealed that she wants to marry Idris in an interview that she wont be with her boyfriend, now that she is eyeing Idris.

According to BBAfunclub, Ellah said "I do not know about him, but for me, it was real. Right now, we are settling back into our lives. We will see if we still have the feelings for each other. Yes I have plans of marrying him, but we decided to put our relationship on hold. This is because when money is in control, a lot can happen. We shall give ourselves some time."

Idris is currently 21 years old and Ellah is 24 but she doesn't mind the age difference. One would wonder whether Idris will still be available for Ellah. Would it be right for Ellah to leave her long time boyfriend for BBA's Idris? Will Idris still have feelings for Ellah when all the fame is gone?

Shocking Revelation of How Samantha is sleeping with Idris Sultan on her Visit to Tanzania

Ever since Big Brother Hotshot's Samantha landed in Tanzania from South Africa, she has been camping around Idris Sultan ever since. The two have been together in the name of doing shows around Tanzia, among them the most anticipated Dar Live.

Contrary to popular opinions, Juicy File reports that it is true that Samantha and Idris have been sleeping together for a number of times. The two have reportedly been close to each other for a while but it is not sure whether the two would like to take things to the next level.

Both Samantha and Idris are yet to comment on the issue. It is unlikely that the two will escalate their loveydovey. It would be interesting to know whether either will propose or if Samantha will simply go back home when her stay in Dar will be overdue.

Idris Sultan from Tanzania was the winner of the just concluded Big Brother Africa Hotshots USD 300,00 prize.

Former BBA Rep Cleo Ice Queen of Big Dreams shares a Selfie

Cleo's Selfie

She just released a big track called 'Big Dreams' before she entered Big Brother Africa. She represented Zambia in The Chase before being evicted. How beautiful does she look?

Who Killed it? Huddah, Selly or Pokello? | Life After BBA The Chase

Huddah Pokello or Selly?

pokello nare dress

huddah dress

selly dress

Still Going Strong!…The Polikems Share New Photos

Pokello and Elikem

With their joint fashion business setting new trends daily, and blossoming acting careers in Nollywood and Ghallywood,the Polikems are no doubt one of BBA’s strongest couples.Check out some of their recent pics below;

Huddah Monroe won't stop shaking her butt Instagram page

Huddah Monroe Twerking

This is one of her twerking videos we got on youtube. You may want to visit her Instagram page for more. What is wrong with her? 

Maria Nepembe from BBA The Chase aslo joins Nollywood

Maria Nepembe aslo joins Nollywood 

Dillish's best friend Maria Nepembe was spotted on set with Nollywood foremost Director; Frank Artus. Heard she was paid heavily for this movie. As reported by, first it was Pokello, then Dillish and Cleo... Ok oh! I wish them goodluck! Another photo of Maria after the cut:

'I Have No Intention To Leave Big J Now Or Ever' - Selly Tells Her Critics

I Have No Intention To Leave Big J Now Or Ever

Ghana’s female representative at last year’s Big Brother Africa: The Chase, Selly, has asked people who would want to see her relationship with Praye Tiatia crash to watch out for a knot-tying date soon. 

According to Selly who came under heavy criticisms last year for her “misconduct” in the Big Brother house, she relishes successful marriage relationship with the “love of her life”. 

“I don’t know why when it comes to what the future holds for Big J and I, people think that there is no future. Maybe, they don’t have an idea how much we are in love and what we have been through together. We are serious This relationship is no child’s play. Please wish us well”, she told Showbiz last Tuesday. 

She said the brouhaha about their possible break up heightened on her return from Big Brother Africa but her boyfriend stood by her and she was not ready to let such “ man of that caliber” slip away. 

“I don’t think that I am bigger than the Praye brand and I know that I have not achieved anything close to what they have done with their career so I wonder why anybody would think that Selly will leave Praye Tiatia because I have also become a moidest celebrity. 

“Yes, I admit that Big Brother gave me the exposure that no other platform has given me but that doesn’t make me feel special than Praye Tiatia. He has been my inspiration and source of strength when the going got tough. Big J is more like my personal manager and I have no intention to leave him now or ever. 

“Others even think that I rode on his popularity to get this far and is likely I will leave him because I am also in the limelight now but the truth is that, I also had my talent and used it to my advantage to get this far. What sets us moving is love and not who wants to be popular or whose brand is better” she said. Selly told Showbiz that her hope of having a future with Praye Tiatia was fired up last Friday when they celebrated five years of being together as a couple remarking “ I didn’t even know we could get this far. We have seen it all and know where we are heading to”.

 Selly who refused to comment on Praye Tiatia’s past marriage, said that she was ready to settle down and had no other person in mind than Praye. 

Currently the host of Premieres Multi TV’ Cine Afrik, Selly believes that she has achieved her childhood dream of being a TV presenter and said she is ready to take the movie industry by storm after being featured in African Child and Juliet’s Ibrahim’s No 1 Fan. 

She said the year has started on a good note and was hopeful to get some endorsement deals as well. 

“I will also do a lot of charity work. My African Child Vision 2020 Foundation did its first project last two weeks raising funds to provide basic education for some needy children. That is my way of giving back to society and I hope to do more this year” she stated. -

Is Hacleo Is No More? Hakeem and Cleo Officially Break Up

Hakeem and Cleo Clears The Air

Rumours have been going round that Hacleo thingy is officially over. This message from Cleo's Facebook page (which we didn't find) tells it all..

So who is responsible for failing Hacleo's fans? Many people say Hacleo was never there in the first place. Other BBA fans say its Hakeem who made Hacleo to fail, see one troll picture we found below

To make the drama more dramatic, this is a whatsapp conversation that is said to have been between Hakeem and Cleo. From what transpired in the conversations, it seemed the relationship was fake. Cleo urges Hakeem to not reveal too much details about their failed relationship. Read it below


Your thoughts on Hacleo, whose next?

Melvin Oduah Shares His Deep Secrets, Talks About Nollywood Crush

Genevieve Nnaji and Melvin Oduah

genevieve nnaji

There’s just something about Genevieve Nnaji, that Melvin Oduah can’t get enough of.

The Big Brother Africa: The Chase housemate recently had a chat with the Punch about his style, his time at the BBA house and his inspiration.

When asked about his celebrity crush, Melvin who reveals that he is very much single says “My crush in Nollywood is Genevieve Nnaji.”

He goes on to say “She inspires me a lot. I always want to look at her facial expression anytime I am watching her movies and the way she acts inspires me a lot. Outside, I have Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and many others.”.


On first impressions about him that are wrong: “Some people think I am a snob.”

On his 91-day stay at the BBA house: “It was not easy at all being there for 91 days. But it was a wonderful experience. It had positive impact on all of us. We learned to live with people of different temperament from different countries and backgrounds. We got to tolerate and endure each other because of the rule that said one was never to allow oneself to be provoked. It was a very wonderful experience and I don’t regret going for it.”

On not kissing anyone in the BBA house: “I did kiss in the house. We played some games in the house where we had to chase women. However, I did not fall in love. People that fell in love were not many. You are making it sound as if I was the only one who did not fall in love. We had just about five couples in the entire season and it does not mean that because they were couples, everybody must be couples. It is different strokes for different people and I am just one of those people that did not just fall in love in the house.”

On if he was in love with someone outside the house: “No. I am single, I don’t have a relationship. It is not that the girls were not hot. A lot of the girls in the house were decent. I loved the personality of many of them but you know these things. I am not one of those people who would just jump into a relationship. I take my time to observe first.”

This is how Cleo Mulenga dresses When She Goes To Church

Ice Queen Cleo At Her 'Humblest'

 Cleo Mulenga

 Cleo Mulenga

 Cleo Mulenga

 Cleo Mulenga

Here is The Bike Worth A Million Dillish Got Elikem

A Suzuki GSXR 1000 For Elikem!!

dillish elikem bike

Dillish recently bought Elikem The Tailor a bike worth a million shillings! BBA Gossip has verified that the bike goes for around 13,000 USD which can translate to a million shillings if converted to local currency;
Nigeria: 2Million
Kenya: 1Million
Tanzania: 20 Million

Dillish said she got Elikem the bike because she made a promise and had to fulfil it. She is a woman of her word! Check out a jubilant Elikem as he got the super bike from Dillish Mathews!

dillish suzuki bike elikem

Should We Prepare For 'Mottando'? Motamma and Nando Share Intimate Pics

Motamma And Nando 

Motamma And Nando

Motamma And Nando

Motamma And Nando

You won't believe how much they look alike! Meet Piimy Toria, Beverly Osu's Look alike

Piimy Toria, Beverly Osu's Look alike

piimy toriah

Somebody will need to answer some hard questions here, look how the girl above looks like Beverly Osu. Could she be Beverly's Long lost twin sister? She calls herself Piimy Toriah. Out of 10, how much does she look like BBA's former contestant Beverly Osu?
beverly osu

Kenya's Contestant Huddah Monroe To Start Producing Music 'Just For Fun'

Huddah Monroe Doing Music?

huddah monroe weed

Kenya's BBA The Chase Contestant Huddah is now showing interest in joining Kenya's Music Industry that has not been performing well compared to our Nigerian counterparts and the rest of Africa.  In a tweet that she sent 'jokingly', it seems like the idea had just struck Huddah Monroe..
Will Huddah Monroe really make it in Kenyas Music Industry? This will be a good moment for her to proof herself after making complaints about the current Musicians in Kenya some time back.

But Huddah's critics argue that Huddah Monroe would not do well in the music industry the way she has done it in posting semi-nude pictures. She was just 'too high on bhang'. See some of the pictures Huddah posted on her Instagram page smoking weed below...

huddah monroe bhang

huddah monroe weed

CONFIRMED: Dillish Mathews and her boyfriend,Stephen Gaeseb, are no longer together!

Why Dillish and I broke up

dillish and stephen gaeseb

The ongoing rumour that Dillish Mathews and her long time boyfriend Stephen are no longer together has been confirmed to be true. Namibian sun has reported that an interview with Stephen Gaeseb reveals what really transpired for them to go separate ways. 
On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Stephen Gaeseb opened up about his break-up with Big Brother Africa: The Chase winner Dillish Mathews - and revealed that the couple had already split in December last year after arguing about his flirtatious SMSes he sent to a Nigerian woman. Gaeseb also dismissed rumours that he had impregnated another woman and that this was the reason why they broke up. 

Dillish is not a gold digger

He said that if anyone could produce evidence that he had made another woman pregnant, he would pay that person N$100 000. If a woman came forward and proved she was pregnant with his child, she would get N$150 000. He also came to his former girlfriend’s defence and said people who claimed that she was a gold digger, who then became rich and dumped him, were wrong about her. “It wasn’t about money. It’s just that we both agreed that we are better apart. Dillish isn’t just physically beautiful, she is also amazing and I respect her,” he said. 

Dillish is the first BBA winner to have visited a host of African countries and is currently on a whirlwind tour to promote her lipstick line, which will also be unveiled today in the capital. Nigerian flame Asked why they broke up, Gaeseb first paused and then explained that they had argued in December last year, after he flirted with another woman, and he and Dillish had both “said things they regret”. “While Dillish was on the show, there was a Nigerian woman who was helping to campaign for people in her country to vote for her. 

He was flirtatious 

I was in contact with her because I helped with the campaigning.” Gaeseb paused again, before continuing: “We flirted via text messages and so on. I mean all guys flirt, it doesn’t mean you intend on acting on it. She then sent a snapshot of our conversations to a friend of Dillish, who eventually sent it to Dillish.” “We had an argument about that, which led to an argument about other things and we both said some things that we wish we didn’t. After that we decided to break-up and haven’t been together since December.” 

Appeal for privacy 

There has been a frenzy on social networks after Namibian Sun broke the story that Dillish had removed photographs of Gaeseb and her together from her Instagram account. “We both need our privacy and we love each and probably always will so we need our privacy” Gaeseb said yesterday. He added that him and Dillish still remain in contact and are friends. 

Stephen did not impregnate any woman

He said contrary to rumours, he had not impregnated another woman. “I was shocked when I heard that I impregnated another girl and that I have many other kids. I have a ten-year-old boy. This alleged pregnancy is just untrue,”. 

Dillish and Flavour 

Asked about rumours that Dillish is dating Nigerian singer Flavour N'abania, Gaeseb said he doubts that she is. “I doubt Dillish is seeing Flavour, but if she is, then it won’t be to spite me. Dillish isn’t a spiteful woman. It’s not her kind of thing.” 

Gaeseb also responded to rumours some journalists are in possession of naked photographs of Dillish, which was allegedly on a laptop stolen from him. He said his laptop was never stolen. “I’ve heard about the rumours that my laptop was stolen and that’s how someone got naked photos of Dillish, but those rumours are not true and I haven’t had any laptop stolen. It’s sad that others want to capitalise on this beak-up,” he said. 

Gaeseb added that right now he just wishes the rumours will end. “The pregnancies and the cheating rumours are all ridiculous. I wish people will give us our privacy and let it go now.”

Huddah Monroe now has a 'fling' with Mustapha of Duex Vultures

Huddah and Mustapha

mustapha and huddah

It may seem now that Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe is having a fling with Mustapha of the famed Duex Vultures, once a popular music group in Kenya. The latter shared a very suggestive picture where she posed with Mustapha reaching for her lower stomach.
huddah republic mustapha

When contacted by Kenya's entertainment website,  Ghafla, the rapper  said “I am in love with Huddah but we are friends “He then added “I do not understand why Prezzo treated her badly, yeye ni mtoto mzuri sana” (she is a good girl)

To add more controversy to the picture, Huddah captioned the picture saying she f*cks who she wants to fuck and f*cks who she doesn't. She talks real nasty, here is what she said..

huddah and mustapha

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