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Showing posts with label Polls. Show all posts

How Mzansi Voted: Big Brother Mzansi 2015 Finale

Sunday, 17 May 2015

This is How Mzansi Voted in Double Trouble Finale..

Ntombi and Ace are winning Big Brother Mzansi!!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ntombi and Ace are winning Big Brother Mzansi, the two couple are leading with the highest number of votes ahead of K2 and Blue and Chelsea and Mbali couples. See the current voting progress on BBA Kenya site,...

How Mzansi voted: Week 8

Monday, 11 May 2015

Chelsea and Mbali received the most votes with 53.41%.

Soxx and tembi received 46.59% votes and were therefore evicted from Big Brother Double trouble.

how mzansi voted

The Royals Secure Their Place in BBMzansi Finale

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

k2 blue finale
Time is the thing that underpins all of life and this week, as we edge closer to the finale, time was going to mean more than ever to the remaining housemates. The Head of House final challenge thrust them into an abyss in which keeping time was their only hope.

With the help of Mbali and Chelsea, K2 and Blue counted down the seconds to their victory, but not without a fight from Ace and Ntombi. Both Ace and K2 displayed excellent speed and sturdiness in a game that required them to move a metal ring along a metal stencil of a hand, without metal parts touching.

In the final Head of House challenge Blue and K2 went with their dream team Mbali and Chelsea as usual while Ace and Ntombi settled with Soxx and Tembi. Each team was provided a big clock on which they had to count the seconds to a minute and manually move the minute hand all the way clock wise until a whole hour had passed.

Team Ntombace and Team Blue2, while adopting slightly different approaches, were bound by the holy grail of the second. Team Ntombace’s huddled in a circle and counted down each second to the Mississippi beat. Their team spirit was a fighting one but cost them the big win as they lost more and more time.

In the end Team Blue2’s calmer style, with K2 carrying the momentum, won the title by a landslide with only a couple of seconds to spare.

The Royals were more than elated than ever. They won Head of House for the fourth time without using their secret immunity awarded from their Friday Night Games win. This guaranteed them a spot in the finale in a couple of weeks. Vote for your preferred couple on

Day 63: How Africa Voted, BB Hotshots Finale

Sunday, 7 December 2014

How Africa Voted in the Finale

According to the final votes of the season, the housemate with the most number of country votes and the WINNER of Big Brother Hotshots is: Idris. Idris received five country votes and these were from Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. 

The runner-up, Tayo received two country votes and these were from Nigeria and Mozambique. The rest of the finalists received country votes as follows: Macky2 got two country votes from Zambia and Rest of Africa, Nhlanhla also got two country votes from South Africa and Botswana, JJ got one country vote from Zimbabwe, 

Sipe also got one country vote from Malawi and Butterphly received 0 country votes. For the housemates who received the same number of country votes, the tie breaker rule came into effect for those housemates.

how africa voted

How Africa Voted:

Idris: Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda
Tayo: Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique
Macky2: Zambia, Namibia, Rest of Africa
Nhlanhla: South Africa, Botswana
JJ: Zimbabwe
Sipe: Malawi
Butterphly: No Country
M'am Bea: No Country

PROOF that BBA Was Rigged To MAKE TAYO and MACKY2 LOSE the Hotshots Price

tayo loose big brother africa

As of the voting on BBAGossip site this morning, Tayo from Nigeria was leading in votes by a very big margin compared to other final 8 Contestants from Big Brother Africa Hotshots.

The polls were open some time last week after the eviction of two housemates, to pave way for the final 8 contestants for the ultimate hotshot week.

Tayo has been leading in votes, with the polls closing at Tayo 44% with the second being Macky2 at 18%. In the second category, Tayo too was leading in votes and had 27%, with Macky2 following in closely at 20%.

Idris had only 10% in the first category and a meager 14% in the second one. That makes it look suspicious as Macky2 and Tayo were the only contestants speculated to be in the finals two of Big Brother Africa hotshots. See the statistics below.
bba hotshots polls
Whom did you vote for, and why do you think they deserved to win USD 300,000$ price monry?

Final Eight Hotshots await their fate, Whom Do You Think will be crowned the winner?

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Big Brother Hotshots comes down to this, eight Hotshots all vying for the ultimate prize of USD300 000. IK plays a joke on the housemates, saying that he has more bad news. It is obviously not the case, as there are eight Hotshots in the final. One of JJ, Tayo, Idris, Butterphly, Macky2, Sipe, Nhlanhla and M'am Bea will be crowned as Big Brother Hotshot next week Sunday in the explosive finale.

IK tells the housemates that as a reward for making it to the final week, Big Brother has arranged a special treat: a concert featuring Addiction, Dee Moneey and Tekno.

As soon as the show finishes, voting opens and it closes on Sunday at 06:00 CAT. Remember, this is important, you are voting for the person you want to win. This week, Africa will be voting for who they think should win, not who they want to leave the house. The housemate with the most votes at the end of this final week, will be the winner.

These are four ways that you can vote:
Via WeChat
Via the mobisite on your mobile phone

Next week's show starts an hour earlier, as it is a two hour special, from 19:00 until 21:00. Who do you think will win, who is the ultimate Hotshot?

Day 56, Evictions: How Africa voted

top 8, how Africa voted

According to this week's numbers Ellah, Goitse, Sheillah and Trezagah received the least number of votes. Here are the results:

Ellah: Uganda

Goitse: Botswana

Idris: Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania

JJ: Zimbabwe

Sheillah: South Africa

Sipe: Malawi, Zambia

Tayo: Ghana, Nigeria, Rest of Africa, Rwanda

Trezagah: Mozambique

Five housemates were tied on one country vote each. The tie-breaker rules therefore apply and the four contestants with the lowest percentage vote for all countries were evicted.

8 Contestants are Up for eviction... A few housemates Will Be leaving This Sunday

Friday, 28 November 2014

It only remains 2 weeks before Big Brother Hotshots show comes to an end. Last week we had no evictions as 10 ex-bba housemates were brought in to join the final 10 housemates remaining in Big Brother Africa 2014.

Two or three contestants will be leaving the house this Sunday as we gear up for the ultimate end of what has been another amazing season of Big Brother Africa. So Africa, whom have you been voting for this week? Whom would you wish to leave the house this Sunday as we wait for the winner in the final week?

The 8 Housemates Nominated for Eviction are: 

  1. Ellah
  2. Goitse
  3. Idris
  4. JJ
  5. Sheillah
  6. Sipe
  7. Tayo
  8. Trezagah

Who is the Craziest Housemate in Big Brother Hotshots?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Now that former Ex-housemates have joined the show, whom do you think is the craziest housemate in Big Brother Africa Hotshots?

Why Hotshots Appears to be A Fail To The Fans

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Reasons Why Hotshots Is Still A Fail To The Fans

No Romance in the house:

For the past seasons, fans have been used to see at least a romantic couple in the house that could keep them speculating what could happen next. Unfortunately, this time round, we are in week five and nothing is coming their way. Mira who had started up something was booted in the first week. However, the fans blame all this on the housemates because most of them have relationships to protect back home which has limited them to romantically mingle with their colleagues.

Housemates are Camera and Africa Conscious.

This is another reason the fans spotted that could be bringing all this boring in the house. Fans say that Housemates are so camera conscious, Africa conscious and what people perceive of them. They are now doing everything they can to see that Africa keeps them in the house thus giving Africa only what they want to show. This has been confirmed by the many times they have mentioned that ‘Africa is watching everything’.

Poor Voting Decisions

Good enough, the fans too took their blame saying that they are partly responsible for the boredom in the house as they are voting poorly. They talked about voting the real entertainers out thus keeping borites in the house. They take the blame to the regional voters who prefer keeping their representatives instead of real entertainers.

Housemates are Occupied by Tasks.

We all know that the Hotshots edition has two tasks every week which are very important to them thus keeping them focused. They can’t let their luxuries slip off hence putting their 100% effort to the wager task and also the most important extravaganza that ensures someone’s immunity from nominations which at times keep some people awake even on weekends. If we are to compare with previous seasons, tasks ended on Thursday and chilling all the weekend. This gives them no time of being themselves as they are working on Biggie’s dice.

Housemates almost have the same sense of creativity.

It is this season that we have witnessed housemates from almost similar walks of life. They have the same sense of creativity and talents. We only have singers, models,radio presenters, song writers, comedians and poets which all fall under the entertainment category. This limits diversity and also housemates look at each other as equal thus not respecting their opinions.

Housemates love eating Alot!

Hehe, I almost left out this one but after a fan backing it up I hat to add it. A fan said that she has observed that this is the season she has seen housemates eating like nothing. She added that this is the reason why the word “stashing” has become famous and been mentioned several times this season unlike in the previous ones. She couldn’t leave out the fact that she always sees Nhlanhla and Trezagah eating all the time and that every morning she wakes up to Permithias‘ omelet making session! lol

Someone said that the show is boring him because the housemates are non-smokers, he would love to see people hiding cigarettes in the ‘Keagan way’ and in times of scarcity the tea bags could substitute.

Well, those were some reasons from some fans…. What are yours why the show is boring?

Ladies, it's Man Crush Monday, share your best male Housemate with us #BBMCM

Monday, 10 November 2014

Poll: Are Kenyans The Most Boring People On Big-Brother Africa?

Friday, 7 November 2014

Are Kenyans The Most Boring People in Big Brother Africa?

A while back, Kenyans were voted the ugliest form of existence in Africa, Turns out that the south Africans were far from wrong, this seems to be the only plausible explanation as to why we get ejected from BBA before it even gets juicy. Just how does it happen? 

BBA Season 9 has seen the only two Kenyans in the house Evicted, Melvin Alusa and the former Qtv Tv host Sabina who was rocked with claims that she had neglected her child to run after fame

Apart From Prezzo the self acclaimed president, Kenyans never really go far, they are evicted even before the real fun begins. What happens to us? where did the rain start beating us? Is it that we choose shady people to represent us in the house? Whats why we end up losing miserably even before the race begins?

Polls: BBA The Chase: One Week To Go!!

Friday, 16 August 2013

BBA The Chase: One Week To Go!!

It has officially remained one week and a few days to the end of BBA The Chase. It has indeed been a thrill-some chase as only 7 contestants have survived eviction since the beginning of the show. Who will be evicted this Sunday?


Africa Has Its Say

From the ongoing polls on our site, these are the results of this week's voting. 

Whom Do You Save?

  • Angelo   48%
  • Dillish     40%
  • Bimp       15%

Whom Do You Vote Out?

  • Bimp       42%
  • Dillish     40%
  • Angelo    35%
From the polls, it is obvious that Bimp will be sent packing. We wish him a safe journey as we await the final winner of Big Brother Africa The Chase.

BBA The Chase Blogspot

BBA The Chase Polls: Goodbye Feza

Friday, 9 August 2013

BBA The Chase Polls


Day 69 it is!! As the chase nears its end, we will have a long wait before we get another thrilling season 9 of Big Brother Africa but, who will be headed home tonight?

End of Week Polls:

Whom to Evict

Feza      62%
Dillish   27%
Cleo      20%

Whom to Save

Feza      26%
Dillish   48%
Cleo      35%

Africa Has Its Say

From the results of this week's voting, it is evident that Feza will be headed home this Sunday. Africa has had a tough time voting this week for their favourite contestant. We would like to thank Africa for supporting their favourite contestant, as well as voting out the contestant whom they don't like.

BBA The Chase Blogspot

Is it Annabel or Sulu? BBA The Chase Polls

Sunday, 28 July 2013

BBA The Chase Polls

Who Will be going home today?

Annabel and Sulu have turned out to be the least popular contestants this week. The two are likely to be  headed home this Sunday as Africa has decided.

Whom To Save Polls

  • Elikem   40%
  • Sulu       34 %
  • Annabel 24%

Whom To Evict Polls

  • Sulu    38%
  • Annabel 32 %
  • Elikem  28%

annabel mbaru

Emeralds House

Emeralds housemates have already left and now it back to the contestants themselves. How have you (Africa) enjoyed their presence? Who among the Emeralds housemates did you like? On a scale of 1-10,  how would you rate the presence of Emeralds housemates in BBA The Chase?

Big Brother Africa The Chase

Week 7 Polls, Big Brother Africa The Chase

Saturday, 20 July 2013

BBA The Chase

These are the results of week 7 Polls. 

anna banana

Contestants with Most (to stay) Votes 

  • Angelo
  • Dillish

Contestants with Most (to leave house) Votes

  • Pokello
  • Annabel

Female Contestants Likely to win BBA

  • Pokello 
  • Dillish

Male Contestants Likely to win BBA

  • Melvin
  • Angelo

Contestants Likely to be Evicted

  • Annabel
  • Bassey

What are your thoughts on this weeks' polls?

Week 7: Big Brother Africa The Chase Polls

Saturday, 13 July 2013

BBA The Chase Polls

With 18 contestants remaining in the house, we can all feel The Chase nearing its end. Week 7 is already ending and we are extremely proud to present to you what Africa has decided. These are the results of Week 7 voting, courtesy of Africa. Voting lines will be closed midday on Sunday.

Who Might Be Evicted



Its undeniable that many people hate Selly. From out Chat Forum, you are likely to see people talking about how much they hate Selly. Whatever Selly did to Africa to deserve such hate



Annabel is currently one of the least popular female contestants. Yes she has faithful fans, but they just might not be enough to keep her in the house for another week. Annabel is likely to be evicted this Sunday.

Who Will Not Be Evicted



Melvin is one contestant who will not be evicted from BBA. We all know he is from Nigeria, and Nigeria has been winning BBA more than any other country in Africa. They have the voting power, and Melvin will not go home this Sunday



Beautiful Cleo might not be evicted this Sunday. She is the third most popular female contestant in BBA, after Pokello and Dillish. She however might get nominated again for eviction this comming week, Week 8.

A Big Thank You To Africa For Voting

Week 6 Polls; Big Brother Africa

Saturday, 6 July 2013

BBA The Chase Polls

Week 6 Polls; Big Brother Africa

Another grueling week finally comes to an end. Week 6 it is! The chase continues to get more and more interesting, as the days go by.

We would like to thank Africa for their huge support, and determination to let their contestants win. These are the results of Week 6 polls.

Week 6 Polls;

Different from other polls, Week 6 polls have shown a new level of The Chase. The competition has just gotten stiffer. No longer are we seeing contestants who are hated so much, or are loved too much by Africa. The gap between the best and the worst contestant is very small, and evidence of a whole new level of competition.

Who Might Be Evicted?

From the analysis of data from our polls site, these are two contestants who might see themselves packing their bags today.

1. Fatima

FATIMA MUST GO HOME THIS SUNDAY. There is no single doubt about this. This Malawi contestant has the least votes, from Africa on "To Be Saved From Eviction" polls category. In addition to that, she has the most votes in "Voting Out" category of Big Brother Africa. You can go ahead and bet your next salary, if someone opposes this.

2. Nando or Bimp

Either Nando or Bimp will be the second contestant to be evicted from Big Brother Africa this Sunday. On "Voting Out" category, Nando has 20% votes, fourth to Fatima, Pokello and Hakeem. Pokello and Hakeem can not be evicted as they have a huge support from their African fans.
Bimp on the other hand raises not much emotions, and may be evicted, just like Motamma. There is nothing wrong about Ethiopia's Bimp, but we all know nice people always finish last.

Who Can't Be Evicted

Pokello, Angelo and Cleo

The trio, who happen to be nominated for eviction can not be evicted from Big Brother Africa this Sunday. If you are to bet with somebody, on who will be evicted this Sunday, please, do not choose either of these three. You may lose.


We expect any surprises tonight from the Eviction show.

Most Handsome Man; Big Brother Africa The Chase

Beauty Polls

Most Handsome Man; Big Brother Africa The Chase

Polls for the most beautiful man and woman in Big Brother Africa has just ended. These are the results which Africa has decided to chose the most handsome contestant in The Chase. To see the most beautiful woman in The Chase, Click Here.

Most Handsome Man In The Chase

  1. Hakeem               29%
  2. Melvin                  24%
  3. Oneal                   15%
  4. Nando                  14%
  5. Bimp                     10%
  6. Angelo                   7%
  7. Elikem                   7%
  8. Bolt and Sulu      3%
  9. LK4                          3%
  10. Bassey                    2%
  11. Neyll                       1%
  12. Biguesas                1%
  13. Denzel                    1%
Click on the name of the contestant to see their pictures. NB The contestants have been ranked according to the strength of their votes. To see the comprehensive poll details, check our (Web Version) before the poll expires and is removed. 

Thanks to Africa for participating in the polls