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Kenya's Huddah Monroe thinks Smoking Bhang Won't End Her Up In a Hospital

Written By Nairobian Senior on Saturday, 18 January 2014 | 03:28

Huddah Monroe Posts Pictures Smoking 'Weed'

Huddah Monroe now thinks that smoking bhang, popularly known as weed won't land her in trouble. In an Instagram picture she posted on her Instagram page, Huddah says
"I asked my doctor if anybody has ever been admitted in hospital for smoking weed .He said , NO! So f*ck what everybody thinks. Do what makes u happy!"
She went further to post her picture smoking what looked like a roll of bhang. We at BBA Gossip can not verify her claims.

Huddah Monroe has in the past been alleged to be back to smoking bhang soon after eviction from Big Brother Africa the chase but she denied the claims.  She was then seen in another leaked picture smoking weed in a story we posted here.
Do you think smoking bhang is harmful to a person's health?

Full List of Contestants Big Brother Africa The Chase

Written By Nairobian Senior on Friday, 18 October 2013 | 03:06

  BBA The Chase Contestants

This is the full list of contestants for Big Brother Africa The Chase. They will be competing for a whooping  300,000$, among other irresistible goodies.

The list has been written in alphabetical order, as they entered the house. The names are side to side with the respective country of the given contestant. 

Full List of Contestants

Winner of BBA The Chase

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Kenyan Man Claims To Be Dillish's Father, Gold Digging?

Written By Nairobian Senior on Monday, 2 September 2013 | 13:48

This Man Claims To Be Dillish's Father.

abdi guyo dillish father kenya

After emerging this year’s Big Brother Africa winner Namibia’s new millionaire Dillish now can smile even more after her big wish — that of meeting her biological father — came close to reality today.

Kenyan Origin

A man who claims to be the beauty’s father visited the Standard Group offices today afternoon and recorded an interview saying indeed, he fathered Dillish during his peacekeeping mission in Namibia.

Guyo claims to be part of the Kenyan contingent peacekeeping force of the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG), deployed from April 1989 to March 1990 in Namibia to monitor the peace process and the first elections.

Last week Wednesday, Rinelda Mouton, a Namibian journalist carried an exclusive interview in which Dillish and her family sought to meet her real father.

Known as Dillish Mathew’s the beauty said she only learned about her Kenyan father through her mother Selma Pashukeni.

Abdi Guyo, a retired Kenyan soldier was unknown to many until now.

This is what Dillish had to tweet on the incident:

dillish father bba the chase

So Huddah is a Licensed Gun Holder? [Photos]

Written By Nairobian Senior on Thursday, 22 August 2013 | 01:50

Huddah Monroe trying to live up to her moniker, “Thee Boss Lady”

The young socialite captioned the photo, “Licensed”; an indication that she is a licensed gun holder. This seemed quite unreal, so we quickly conducted a reverse image search and after a 3.3937 billion images were examined I couldn’t find similar images, accordingly, I gave her the benefit of doubt.

See more information about Huddah Monroe here.
Without any delay here’s Huddah’s pistol;
huddah pistol

Huddah Flaunts Hefty Sums of Cash

Written By Nairobian Senior on Wednesday, 21 August 2013 | 14:12

Keep Calm and Watch The Money Pile

huddah boss lady kenyaDays before her entrance into Big Brother Africa, Huddah shocked many when she paraded a suitcase full of new dollar bills. That was then; this week, ‘Thee Boss Lady’ struck again!
This time the famous socialite (even though she tenaciously denounced that term) wants to show you just how much she’s worth. Wednesday, Huddah displayed dollar bills and a few 1000 shilling notes. Here they are plus the captions;
Huddah_cash“Counting money in the toilet at a Mall with my main bitch coz we bad ass….We aint trying to show off these pocket change,but see the ice???”
She then spread the dollar bills on her thighs;>
huddah cash
“And thats my main b*tch….skin soft like silk….”
Then spread them on her bed;
huddah cash
“Okay these sheets are rare…..Goodnight….Bow down bitches….”
Huddah is known for her flashy ways something she’s not sorry about.
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Huddah Smoking Weed Again!!

Huddah Monroe Smoking Weed

Is smoking weed a big deal? Most people may say yes, but not for one Huddah Monroe. Huddah posted a picture of her smoking weed online, seeking publicity? She further warned her fans not to copy her as she is not a "role model" of anyone. Is she justified?

huddah smoking weed monroe

Prezzo Dines From The Great Seal of The US Platter

Written By Nairobian Senior on Tuesday, 20 August 2013 | 14:17

Kenya's King of Bling, Prezzo

prezzoHis rapcellency Prezzo upholds his ‘presidential ways’ wherever he goes to. The ‘king of bling’ who’s currently in the States recently had his meal served on a platter resembling the Great Seal of The United States of America.
In his words, “Everything Presidential, watching my weight while Iam out here #GoodLife#Rapcellency”
the great seal of united states of america
What’s so great about the Great Seal?
A cornerstone in the foundation of the United States, the Great Seal of the United States is used to authenticate certain documents issued by the United States federal government.
The Great Seal is used as the national coat of arms of the United States.[1] It is officially used on documents such as United States passports, military insignia, embassy placards, and various flags. As a coat of arms, the design has official colors; the physical Great Seal itself, as affixed to paper, is monochrome.
The Secretary of State is the official custodian of the Great Seal of the United States. The Great Seal is kept in a mahogany cabinet and displayed in the Exhibit Hall of the Department of State in Washington, D.C.
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So Tanzania's Feza Grew Up in Kenya?

Written By Nairobian Senior on Monday, 19 August 2013 | 03:07

Feza BBA The Chase

I grew up in Kenya where I studied in several schools including Senior Chief Koinange Girls High School in Kiambu.’’

“I am sad, really sad, that I am out of the Big Brother Africa — The Chase only two weeks to the finals,” the rather gallant Feza says before taking a reprieve, so with the memories of her last Sunday eviction in mind.

It had been a painful reality not only to her, but also to thousands of her fans across East Africa, that cheered her on as its only hope to the continental reality TV show finals after the earlier eviction of the Kenyan contestants Huddah and Annabel as well as the Ugandan representatives.

The expulsion of her fellow Tanzanian housemate Nando, one of the show’s fans’ favourite, evoked sad memories across the region and like on revenge mission, here was East Africa sympathetically cheering a lone ranger.

“I must thank Africa for keeping me in the Chase. I was so shocked that I had so many Kenyan supporters. Nairobi is my second home and I must say, I did my best to represent my fans,” she remarks with a lighter cheer. “I grew up in Kenya where I studied in several schools including Senior Chief Koinange Girls High School in Kiambu,” notes the single mother of one, who many recall for her short dyed hair, a bubbly go-happy showbiz girl popular in Arusha for her music artistic skills.

Feza played her game like a brave hunter, surviving the numerous nominations for weeks and enduring a level of loneliness created by her fellow finalists who seemed to pair up as couples, leaving her exposed as a loner.

But that is all behind her and with no regrets or hard feelings about participating and failing to win the big cash, the rather ambitious Feza has her eyes on her childhood vision.

“I was so sad when I was ushered with the news of deaths of two top Tanzanian artistes who died of drug related issue when I was in the BBA house. That was a shocker for me. Together with my brother, I have been running a Youth Against Drugs campaign for several years. I want to use my new found fame to enhance the campaign now that so many of our artistes and the youth in general, are perishing in drug abuse,” she says.

“I want to address the issue with the president (Jakaya Kikwete) who has in the past, showed interest in helping alleviate the vice. I will find audience with him and I know he will give me a positive response,” she adds, convincingly.

Having entered the continental show in mind that the competition has in the past been a great platform to build careers of many young celebrities across the continent, Feza, an Information Technology graduate, says BBA is more than chasing the money adding that the lessons learned in the competition are life changing.

“For example, the One Campaign is a great concept, uniting Africa in fighting poverty and other negative vices. I also made great friends like Annabel from Kenya in the house.

It was a great time all in all,” she summarises before adding; “ Bimp and Angelo are my favourites among the finalists. I hope one of them takes the money.

The Evolution Of Huddah Monroe (PHOTOS)

Written By Nairobian Senior on Saturday, 10 August 2013 | 14:08

The Evolution of Huddah Monroe

evolution of huddah monroeThere is a swahili saying that says”Mwanamke ni nywele” loosely translated as “The beauty of a woman lays on the hair”. From bangs to mohawks to head scarfs Huddah Monroe Kenya’s socialite has done them all!Take a look at this:
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Annabel is Evicted from Big Brother Africa

Written By Nairobian Senior on Sunday, 28 July 2013 | 14:27

Annabel is Evicted

annaabel is evicted from bba the chase
After nine glorious weeks in the House,Annabel's Big Brother journey has come to an end nd now Kenya is out of The Chase.

As soon as IK made the announcement that her time had come to an end, the Kenyan hugged and kissed her fellow Housemates and exclaimed: "Love you guys," as she walked out gracefully.

For so long the vivacious - AnnaBanana as she has affectionately become known - seemed like the cat with nine lives. Week after week, she was Nominated by her fellow Housemates and each time she proved to be one of the strongest contenders in The Chase with Africa saving her from the grasps of the Eviction gallows a total of four times. But tonight her good fortune has come to an end.

During her Nomination Diary session earlier this evening, Annabel shared her last words for Africa. She said: “Just be who you are because you can never just impress everybody”. Wise words indeed AnnaBanana!

What will you miss most about Annabel?

Stay tuned to DStv channels 197 and 198 for all your Big Brother Africa The Chase action or catch the daily shows on Africa Magic Entertainment (DStv channel 150) at 20:00 CAT.

Is it Annabel or Sulu? BBA The Chase Polls

BBA The Chase Polls

Who Will be going home today?

Annabel and Sulu have turned out to be the least popular contestants this week. The two are likely to be  headed home this Sunday as Africa has decided.

Whom To Save Polls

  • Elikem   40%
  • Sulu       34 %
  • Annabel 24%

Whom To Evict Polls

  • Sulu    38%
  • Annabel 32 %
  • Elikem  28%

annabel mbaru

Emeralds House

Emeralds housemates have already left and now it back to the contestants themselves. How have you (Africa) enjoyed their presence? Who among the Emeralds housemates did you like? On a scale of 1-10,  how would you rate the presence of Emeralds housemates in BBA The Chase?

Big Brother Africa The Chase

Big Brother Africa The Chase Latest News: This Week So Far

Written By Nairobian Senior on Friday, 31 May 2013 | 09:24

The first week of The Chase has been eccentric so far. Things have gotten complicated and more complicated as more and more surprises have hit us real hard. So far the trending housemates this week were Denzell, Beverly, Dillish, Angello and the rest

 BBA Survival Tips:

prezzo big brother africa

- Prezzo unleashed BBA survival tips to the contestants. As he was interviewed, this is what he had to say

You have to put all of that behind you and focus on what you want achieve. If you spend too much of your time thinking about loved ones back home that will kill your game and you won't perform to the best of your ability because your mind is not focused, that can lead to you cracking under pressure.
- We were then presented by five housemates up for a possible eviction. We are supposed to vote for the one we want to save. The housemates on the evictee list are
  1. Huddah - Diamonds
  2. Sellly - Rubies
  3. Natasha - Rubies
  4. Betty - Diamonds
  5. Denzell - Diamonds

The housemates were getting to know each other well. However, two of them seemed to be hitting on FAST!! Meet Bolt and Betty, with The First Kiss
- We saw the first Kiss from the Beauty and the Beast. The loverbirds Bolt and Betty seemed to hit on the first day. How could that happen? That can only be understood by Beauty and the Beast.

Contestants were then given tasks of preparing gifts for their secret crush. Who knew Beverly would be left out in the cold?
natasha big brother africa

Natasha won't stop talking. She must be a talking machine, but not compared to one irritating Denzell. Besides getting most votes as the most annoying person in our blog, it seems like he needs clothing donation from other housemates.

Huddah discovers he only way out is by using her body. Yes, back here at home (Kenya) her body is her business. She is now wearing hot bikinis and africans are responding to her. Africans are finally talking about her. Did I hear a housemate saying she looks like a chinese?

huddah big brother africa kenya shower hour pictures

Dellishious Dillish, xo xo. Can we get enough of her? Big Brother needs to zoom into her cute face more frequently for us to enjoy her beauty better. On twitter, her pictures are the most shared among all other contestants.
maria and dillish

 Melvin becomes Thee Ladies man, not only in the house, but with almost all African girls. He is from Nigeria and Nigerian girls love him!

Angello's dreads seem to be annoying and pleasing people 50-50. Some like them, some think it is too much. He decided to hook up with Huddah as he request

Denzell decided to play his witt on Africa. He has been trendig for the past few days instead of Big Brother Africa. I think is symbolic of the guy in the video below.

Notice the guy starts running but is disadvantaged by the blast. Somehow, he manages to overcome it and runs past the other contestant in the chase. After becomming too unpopular, Denzell is making his way into many African's heart

Huddah, Big Brother Africa The Chase Eviction List:

Written By Nairobian Senior on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 | 03:46

huddah-big-brother-africa-chase eviction

From the poll going on in our site, Huddah from Kenya is overwhelmingly being Voted out of Big Brother Africa The Chase. Huddah is leading with almost twice the vote of the second contestant, Denzell being voted out. From the way things are going, she just might be the first contestant to be cast out of The Chase.

The other two contestant, Selly and Betty tied in the third position while Natasha got the least votes from people wanting her out. You can participate in our polls on this site to make a contribution.

Why do you think Huddah is un-popular?

Kenyans go HAM on Huddah, not believing she is 21 years old

Written By Nairobian Senior on Monday, 27 May 2013 | 09:06



Tweets Top / All / People you follow

  1. LOL RT i think its IEBC who count years.
  2. whoever hacked IEBC's system also hacked the calendar
  3. 50 cent the rapper is known as 'barter trade'
  4. WOLOLO! RT Daddy Owen is still Baby Owen
  5. LOL!! washeni jokes ==> and I are getting married right now at All Saints...
  6. has not yet been made the 'Chief Beef' he's just a member in the council of elders
  7. sounds like an orgie " haha shee n huddah shouldnt b used in 1 sentence RT SHEE is stll a virgin
  8. kencell is still the leading network provider in kenya

About ANNABEL MBARU, BBA The Chase Contestant

Written By Nairobian Senior on Sunday, 26 May 2013 | 15:03

Annabel Mbaru Kenya, BBA The Chase

annabel kenyan contestant in BBA the chase videos

Annabel is a student and a fashion designer from Kenya. Annabel Mbaru doesn't have children but considers her pets to be her babies. Her favorite TV show is Big Brother Africa.

Annabel loves attention and is looking forward to getting Africa's attention. "It makes me feel like a princess I have always been"

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About Huddah Monroe BBA The Chase Kenyan Contestant

Huddah Monroe, From Kenya

bba the chase kenyan contestant huddah monroe

Alhuda Njoroge popularly known as Huddah Monroe is  a Kenyan 'girl next door'. She Kenyan and no one really knows for sure what she does for a living. Kenyans however can testify that she draws her interest from social media.

Twitter helped her become famous in Kenya, since late last year, making her the headline of blogs and news sites in Kenya. She is always twit-picing  her picture as she poses with prominent persons in the government and international artists who come to Kenya, e.g Akon. 

As much as we are concerned, Huddah is hated by 50% of Kenyans, and the other 50% wanting to know more about her. Let us see how she will survive in the house.

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STL and Churchill For Big Brother The Chase

Written By Nairobian Senior on Wednesday, 22 May 2013 | 10:41

churchil big brother africa

This Sunday, the Big Brother launch show will come alive when multiple award winning musicians from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa take centre stage. The big night will also see 28 new housemates being revealed to audiences in over 50 African countries for season 8 of Big Brother Africa, The Chase.

Kenya’s very own award winner, STL has been contracted to perform at the premiere. She is famed for her hit songs such as Hula Hoop andBad as I Wanna Be. Joining her on stage is stand-up comedian Daniel Ndambuki, popularly known as Churchill.

From Nigeria, musical heavy weights Don Jazzy, D’ Prince and Wande Coal are also set to grab audiences with their energetic and charming personas. Last but not least, one of South Africa’s leading Afro-pop music groups, Mafikizolo will also serenade audiences with their soulful and rhythmic tunes on the big launch night.

With several albums and awards under their belt, the duo has brought fans far and wide, dance-floor filler hits such as Sibongile, Ndihamba Nawe, Nisixoshelani and most recently Khona.

Big Brother Africa; Kenya's Contestants 2013

Written By Nairobian Senior on Tuesday, 16 April 2013 | 06:56

Two contestants have been nominated for Big Brother Africa season 8.

1. (Real Name unknown) a.k.a  Shaffie Weru
A radio presenter with a controversial lifestyle. He is known for his lifestyle on booze and parties. His big shot in the limelight is Radio presenting.
big brother africa

2. Alhudah Njoroge a.k.a HuddahMonroe
Many people don't know her. She is however rising in popularity in twitter. She is infamous for putting her nudes on twitter as she hurls abuse to anyone who attacks her. She has stirred interest in Kenyans as she poses for pictures, with prominent persons in the Kenyan government as well as international musicians. (Akon)

big brother africa

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