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Frankie, Tayo and JJ lead in nominations

Soon after the first eviction show yesterday, each remaining housemate was called to the diary room to make their two nominations. All housemates had to nominate and include valid reasons for their nominations. Biggie’s rule was simple: if a housemate refuses to nominate, they themselves will automatically be put up for eviction. So it goes without saying that all housemates managed to come forth with nominations.

Frankie, Tayo and JJ are leading in the nominations. Whilst many find Tayo’s loudness and abrasiveness distasteful, other housemates reckon Frankie lacks presence and that JJ is full of himself with a ‘know-it-all’attitude.

First in the diary room was Alusa who nominated Esther and Tayo. He said that he did not connect with Esther and found Tayo to be aggressive. One wonders if he is not intimidated by these housemates. Arthur was next and he nominated JJ and Sabina. He said that JJ was the reason his group lost the Extravaganza and that Sabina shouted a lot in her bid to shine.

Butterphly nominated Frankie and Esther because they had gone cold on her and the result being that they were not getting along anymore. Ellah nominated Tayo because he is aggressive and reckoned they could do without that energy in the house. Her second nomination was Laveda whom she said came off as controlling and so had not gotten to know her better.

After much struggling, Esther finally settled on her nominations- JJ and Permithias. She said that JJ was not a good listener in the group task and that Permithias was provocative and rehashed unnecessary past issues. Frankie nominated Tayo because he talks down on people, he said he is immature and very condescending. He also nominated JJ because he always puts the work of others down.

Goitse nominated Esther and and Lillian because she felt they were both poor team players and even after their team lost the extravaganza, they sought to put the blame on other team members. Idris nominated Frankie because he didn’t quite blend in the house and Permithias because he is trying to play the girls. JJ nominated Lillian because of her negativity in their group and Laveda because she began abusing her rights as HoH.

Kacey Moore nominated Frankie for the same reason as that of Idris and Sabina because she hasn’t been accommodative of others. Laveda nominated JJ because she felt he failed at his task of being a director for their show as they lost and Frankie for not being forthcoming with himself. Lillian nominated JJ because she felt he had a ‘big head’ and felt Alusa couldn’t humble himself in a group set-up.

Luis wanted Alusa to go because he reminded him of Mira and JJ because he came across as a ‘know-it-all’. Mr. 265 nominated Permithias because he had no self-control with how far he pushed people and Arthur because he seemed to be resistant to criticism and stuck in his own world. Macky2 nominated Laveda for being unfair in the manner in which she selected her teams and Frankie for not being real and closing himself up in his shell.

M’am Bea said Esther and Sabina needed to learn other ways of showing respect in their speech and therefore nominated them for being smart mouths. Nhlanhla said Tayo was too loud and abrasive and had no specific reason for nominating Sabina. Permithias said Tayo disrespected women and said Frankie was lost in everything and risked becoming irrelevant in the house. Sabina wanted to get rid of Lillian because she felt they had similar strategies and Tayo for being a loud mouth.

Samantha nominated Frankie and Arthur because she wanted to evict a complete pair from a country to avoid friction with one’s fellow countryman. Sheilla nominated Frankie for his obscure character and Permithias for being annoying. Sipe called Tayo rude and immature and nominated Permithias for not being responsible with house chores. Tayo said JJ had no character and wanted to be like him and said Permithias was a coward not fit for the house.

Trezagah nominated Samantha for bad-mouthing Mozambican men and said the unpleasant dream he had about her confirmed his choice to nominate her. He also nominated Esther because she shouts a lot and is the only one who smokes in the house.

Don't forget to chat with us in response to this week's Star Meter: Which Big Brother Hotshot Housemate has the X factor?

Week 1: How Africa Voted:

According to this week's votes: Resa and Mira received the lowest votes.

One housemate received two country votes: Macky2. Eleven housemates received 1 country vote each; Arthur, Butterphly, Esther, Goitse, Idris, M'am Bea, Nhlanhla, Permithias, Sabina, Sipe, Tayo and Trezagah. Twelve housemates received 0 country votes, which means that the tie breaker rule came into effect.

According to the Big Brother Africa rules: if the Popularity vote does not yield clear evictees and there is a deadlock between 2 or more housemates, the percentage vote from each of the 15 regions will be added together and divided by 14 in order to generate an across-the-board percentage, which will then ascertain who stays and who goes.

Therefore, the two housemates that were evicted as per the tie-breaker rules are: Resa and Mira.

Mira is Evited from Big Brother Africa - Hotshots

The second evictee in tonight’s first eviction show is the pretty and slender lady from Mozambique. Mira started off appearing as a shy girl on the show but in the first diary session with Biggie, she assure him that she was not at all shy and wished Africa to understand this. She said that she was just very nervous at the launch show and may have given off that she was shy.

Perhaps Africa began believing that she was not much of a shy girl with the scandal on Friday’s party night when she kissed Luis and Nhlanhla. This was not anticipated from the reserved and somewhat quiet lass but all that was forgotten as events were blamed on the alcohol.

Tonight it was sad to see her go. When her name was annouced she immediately lunged into Luis' arms for the last embrace in Biggie's house. Luis cried and Idris and Sipe comforted him. She embraced Luis again and they kissed as she rushed out of the house.

She told IK that she was happy to be out of the house as she had been missing home. She also said that she enjoyed getting to know Trezagah from Mozambique.

Keep watching Big Brother Africa and bear witness as the atmosphere changes in the house.

Resa is evicted from Big Brother Hotshots

SizweNtsalubaGobodo are the official auditors for Big Brother Hotshots. They are given the unenviable task of tallying up the votes and announcing the unlucky evictees and to give a stay of execution to the remaining housemates who were also up for eviction.

How does the vote work, you might ask? All week the continent has been voting for their favourite housemates and as there are thirteen countries and one ROA vote. Viewres vote via social media and via SMS. Each vote cast using these methods all carry equal weight, that being one viewer popularity vote. Viewer popularity votes will be tallied for each housemate eligible for eviction within each voting region. The housemate with the most votes per region will receive that regions popularity vote, (if a tie occurs, the region popularity vote will be split equally). Those with the least regional votes are evicted. If there is a tie, a second round of votes will be tallied.

The first person to be evicted form the Big Brother Hotshots is Resa. She is asked to leave the house and soon joins IK on the live stage for her live interview. The room seemed to turn cold as 12 housemates were made to stand. Resa seemed to take the news well but the news did not go down well with her friend Sipe, who immediately wept. Esther shouted out "I love you Resa" as she as the Zambian lass hurried out of the house. She told IK that she was at piece with the turnout of events and mentioned that she would miss Sipe the most.

Elikem "The Tailor" Plays Lead Role in New "Bachelors" Movie [Trailer Video]

Ambitions Elikem Kumdorzie, as Pokello puts it has landed a new movie role and acted along with star actresses Jackie Appiah in the "Cheaters".

Weeks later, he landed another lead role in Bachelors. The guys involved in the project expect the movie to hit the screens before Christmas Holiday.
Am now starting to yearn for Christmas day :)

See the Trailer Here

Follow ex-Chasemates on Twitter | [Updated List]

Follow Them On Twitter!!

Follow ex-Chasemates on Twitter
Shout out to our departed soldiers – they may have left The Chase, but they really are keeping The Chase fires burning all over Africa.

Just because we know how awesome they have been in the House and how their fans are dying to hook up with them, we decided to bring you their official Twitter handles.

We don’t want you following bogus people thinking they are the real deal.

BBA The Chase 'Chasemates' on Twitter

1. Dilish On Twitter

Followers: 39,000

2. Selly On Twitter:

Selly: @therealsellygh
Followers: 21,000

3. Elikem On Twitter:

Elikem:  @elikem_detailor 
Followers: 18,000

4. Beverly on Twitter:

Beverly: @beverly_osu
Followers: 24,000

5. Cleo On Twitter

Followers: @Cleo_icequeen
Followers: 14, 500

6. Melvin On Twitter:

Followers: 22,000

7. Angelo Collins on Twitter:

Followers: 20,000
Facebook: Angelo collins

8. Nando On Twitter

Nando: @AmmyNando
Followers: 5,318

9. Denzel On Twitter

Denzel: @DenzelUG
Followers: 27,640

10. Huddah On Twitter

Followers: 33,730

11. LK4 On Twitter

LK4: @LK_four
Followers: 20,372

12. Koketso On Twitter

Koketso: @kokamod
Followers: 12,568

13. Neyll On Twitter

Neyll: @Neyll80
Followers: 5,000

14. Biguesas On Twitter

Biguesas: @Biguesas
Followers: 1,187

15. Betty On Twitter

Betty: @BetyzoneBoo
Followers: 8,753

16. Motamma on Twitter

Motamma: @Mottieluv
Followers: 15,008

17. Bolt On Twitter

Bolt: @Fofumomi
Followers: 9,170

18. Maria On Twitter

Maria: @marianepembe
Followers: 16,674

19. Fatima Nkata On Twitter

Followers: 11,373

20. Hakeem On Twitter

Hakeem: @HulkMandaza
Followers: 25,671

21. Selly On Twitter

Selly: @therealsellygh
Followers: 3,300

22. Natasha On Twitter

Natasha: @natashaTontho
Followers: 4,000

23. Bassey On Twitter

Bassey: @BasseyOfficial
Followers: 9,171

24. Pokello On Twitter

Pokello: @pokellosexxy
Followers: 50,489

25. Annabel On Twitter

Annabel: @AnnMbaru
Followers: 15,206

26. Sulu On Twitter

Sulu: @Sulu_Pi
Followers: 22,000

27. Feza Kessy On Twitter

Feza: @FezaKessy
Followers: 40,000

28. Oneal On Twittter

Oneal: @Onizee
Followers: 40,000

NOTE: These were the number of followers the Chasemates had as at 20:00 CAT today but we know that the numbers will rise each day.

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Big Brother Africa The Chase Winner is Dillish Mathews

Winner | BBA The Chase Grand Finale

Dillish winner big brother africa the chase

Surprisingly, Dillish is the winner of Big Brother Africa The Chase. This comes as a suprise as many people expected Melvin Oduah to win.

Dillish wins bba the chase USD 300,000 winner

After expressing her desires to be the first woman to win the Big Brother grand prize, since Zambia's Cherise did so seven seasons ago, Dillish has done it for  Africa's women!

The sexy Namibian lass actually won it with one vote more than the Zambian female rapper Cleo, Dillish got five votes from Africa while Cleo got four from Africa. Dillish’s victory is one that won’t be forgotten by all the Big Brother Africa fans as she didn’t spent 91 days in the Big Brother house without being Head of House at any one moment.

1st Runners Up

cleo second bba chase

Cleo is the first runners up. She is the second contestant, who unfortunatelly was beaten by Dillish to win USD $300,000.

"Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves" was a hit track in 1985 that was a collaboration between the British pop duo Eurythmics and American Soul singer Aretha Franklin and now 28 years later those words still ring true. Congratulations to both of the ladies!
Please note: DStv channels 197 and 198 will be terminated at the end of tonight's Live Eviction Show.

Elikem Is Evicted, BBA The Chase Finale

Elikem Is Also Evicted, BBA The Chase


Elikem is unfortunately the third contestant to be evicted this evening. We are now waiting for the winner and the first runner up. Is it Dillish or Cleo?

Meanwhile, read more about Melvin being evicted as well as Beverly as Nigeria is bundled out of the chase. 

BBA The Chase Blogspot

Melvin Bows Out Too, Bye Bye Nigeria

Melvin is Evicted, BBA The Chase

melvin bba the chase eviction

Its a round up for Nigeria as Melvin is evicted from BBA The Chase after Beverly Osu was evicted. Seems like Nigeria will have to try out their luck next time. We however have to give credit where it is due. 

Melvin has had a great run on the show and became the most decorated HOH in this season of Big Brother The Chase.At one time, the soft spoken model put himself up for possible Eviction and he was lucky enough to survive back then.

Well, sad for Nigeria but at least her reps have been good ambassadors on the Chase no wonder they made it to the grand finale.

Now still in the running for the USD 300.000 are Zambia’s Cleo, Namibia’s Dillish and Ghana’s Elikem.

BBA The Chase

Beverly is Evicted, Big Brother Africa The Chase Finale

Beverly Bows Out

Beverly finally bows out of the chase. Beverly is evicted from big brother Africa besides being the contestant who broke the record of being in the house for 91 days without being on the eviction list. Her time has finally come. Bye Beverly

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BBA The Chase Blogspot

Big Brother Africa The Chase Winner 2013 Season 8

And The Winner is,

Big Brother Africa The Chase Winner

Who will be the winner of Big Brother Africa The Chase? We can't wait to see the results this Sunday 25th August 2013. Lets take a quick look at the recent trend of polls, Africa has been voting day and night to make their favourite contestant win the USD $ 300,000 cash prize.

But Before that, lets take a quick look at the contestant's bio. What reason did they give us for joining Big Brother Africa The Chase 2013? What did they tell us they will do if they win the cash prize?

Dark-skinned Beverly Osu,

beverly osu

This diva has managed to take Africa by storm. Besides breaking the record of the first contestant to ever go through 90 Days in Big Brother Africa without being on eviction, she has pulled one too many stunts in the house. If you read her bio here, you will get to appreciate who Beverly is.

Hunk Melvin Oduah

melvin bba

Melvin is a 27 year old Actor and Model from Nigeria. He says he will invest the money if he wins it. Read more here.

Dillish From Namibia

dillish bba

Dillish is a 22 year old Psychology student from Namibia. She joined Big Brother Africa because she wanted to be part of it. If she wins the money, Namibians must make sure she gives the money to charity.

Hunk Elikem


Elikem is a 24 year old Hunk from Ghana. He joined BBA for Money, Exposure and Game Play, which he has well. If he wins the money, Ghana should make sure he opens 3 retail stores in Accra as well as abroad, because that is what he promised.

Cleo a.k.a Ice Queen

Cleo is a 23 year old artist and Musician from Lusaka. She joined BBA The Chase because it would help her realise her dreams and goals in life. Read more on her bio here

BBA The Chase Winner

Take a look at the voting trends from various voting stations for BBA Season 8 winner.

Poll A

In Poll A, Melvin and Elikem are leading with a considerable margin. Dillish comes in a distant third. Melvin is the winner in this Poll A.

bba the chase polls

Poll B

In Poll B, Melvin is the leading contestant Again.  Dillish comes in second here with Cleo a distant third. Melvin is still the winner in thiss poll B. 
bba the chase polls

 Poll C

In poll C, Melvin still leads. Dillish comes second  and Cleo a distant third.

bba the chase polls
Melvin is with no doubt the winner of Big Brother Africa The Chase Season 8 2013. If there is anything Africa should be debating about is who will come in second. will it be Dillish, Cleo or Elikem?

Who is Likely to Win BBA The Chase? Big Brother Africa

BBA The Chase Winner

Who is likely to win Big Brother Africa The Chase? A quick look at the ongoing polls on this site shows a clear picture of who might emerge the winner of Big Brother Africa The Chase.

BBA The Chase Polls

 Melvin is leading with votes, in the overall category, followed in a distant by Dillish, who is followed closely by Cleo. Beverly has the least votes, take a look at the picture below

bba the chase winner

Male Category

In the male category, Melvin has a clear win, garnering 4 votes out of every 5 votes  casted in this category.

big brother africa winner

Female Category

In the female Category, Dillish has an impressive lead over Cleo and Beverly. Beverly has the least votes.
winner, big brother africa the chase
From the statistics shown above, Melvin leads in both Male and Overall Category. Dillish leads in female cateogy but comes in second in the overall category. Cleo only comes second in female category.


On the 91st day, This is likely to be the order of contestants, from the winner to the fifth

  1. Melvin Oduah - winner
  2. Dillish - First runners up
  3. Cleo - Second runners up
  4. Elikem - Third runners up
  5. Beverly
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Feza Outs Plans After Big Brother Africa The Chase

fezaThe evicted Tanzanian representative in the Big Brother House, Feza, says she will be hitting the studio to record her music. So are there any collabos in the horizon? “I have done that before but now that I’m well known in Africa I’m going to use the platform to spread my music.”
Feza, who is not new to the Kenyan scene, is part of the Barutaz Crew, a group of fun loving revellers who plan parties. “I forced myself to be the First Lady of Barutaz,” she said. “I would love to come to Nairobi. I wouldn’t mind. I was there for high school and part of my primary school. I went to Senior Chief Koinange. Yes, I was with Jaguar; I was in form one when he was was in fourth form. My primary school was Park Road in Buru Buru.”
Speaking of her on screen romance with Oneal, Feza said, “We had a bit of a relationship in the house . We haven’t sat down and talked about the way forward.”
Feza describes herself as “fun, bubbly, loyal, kind and strong” and thinks her best trait is her humility. She enjoys people who are honest, caring and fun, but dislikes those who are liars.
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Angelo is Evicted from BBA The Chase

Angelo Collins is Evicted

Talk about so close yet so far! After making it to the top 7 in The Chase, South Africa's Angelo has become the 22nd Housemate to be Evicted from The Chase.

Just like a tornado sweeping everything that is in its sight, the curse of the couples has swept through the Big Brother House and tonight it reared its ugly head once again. The final couple in the House Bengelo has been torn apart, at least for the time being.

Angelo did not even get a chance to say goodbye to his lady love tonight because the Nominated Housemates were called into the Rendezvous Room. As soon as IK announced him as the second Evicted Housemate of the night, Angelo walked out the Rendezvous Room and head to the Live Show stage for a heart to heart chat with the presenter.

"I think if Bimp did not have a girlfriend, he and Beverly would have had something," Angelo confessed on stage.

Bimp who was sitting next to Angelo clarified his relationship with Beverly saying that he has never seen her as "nothing more than a sister".

Over the past 84 days in the House Angelo has proven himself to be one of the entertainers in the House. The South African dancer always loved to show off his robotic moves for Africa and his fellow Housemates and he was one of the Housemate that were always up for a good time.

His passionate relationship with Beverly has been one of the most polarising unions in The Chase. Their union has had its fair share of ups and downs but throughout it all it has always been evident that the duo genuinely care for each other. How will Beverly cope in the House now that her man is gone?

Bimp is Evicted | BBA The Chase

Bye Bye Bimp

ethiopia bimp
Ethiopia's Bimp has become the 21st Housemate to be Evicted from The Chase.

After what has been a confusing night that saw all three of the Eviction Nominees being called into the Rendezvous Room, Live Show presenter IK revealed to the Housemates and to Africa that Bimp's Chase has come to an end.

As soon as Bimp sat down, IK wasted no time in probing the Ethiopian about his beef with Elikem. The ousted Housemate shared that he does not see eye to eye with the Ghanaian because Elikem has grown increasingly cocky in the House. "He has changed," Bimp insisted.

The hunky Ethiopian who has brandished himself as the gentleman of the House, has put up a good fight, having managed to make it into the top 7. In the past he proved himself to be somewhat of a silent assassin as the quiet guy was saved time and again by Africa, every time that he was put up for possible Eviction.

But tonight lady luck was just not on his side as his Big Brother journey has come to a screeching halt at a point when he was so close to the finale.

What will you miss most about Bimp?

Stay tuned to DStv channels 197 and 198 for all your Big Brother Africa The Chase action or catch the daily shows on Africa Magic Entertainment (DStv channel 150) at 20:00 CAT.

Is It All About Regions Or Just One Africa? BBA The Chase

bimp Recently some housemates have been complaining about the way some of their fellow housemates do their nominations and also the way some Heads of House make their Save and Replace decisions. In fact even some fans complained about the same issue in the first weeks of The Chase.
The most recent complaints about this whole region issue in the Big Brother house came from Tanzania’s stubborn Nando and the Ethiopian dude Bimp, these two Diamond housemates got bitter after their very good friend and fellow smoker Hakeem from Zimbabwe was evicted from the Big Brother house as a result of being replaced in Selly’s place by the Diamond Head of House last week on Monday night.
According to Nando and Bimp, Melvin saved the sexy Ghanaian “Selly” because she comes from West Africa where he also comes from and he put up Hakeem for possible eviction because he comes from the Southern part of Africa.The fact that Big Brother had decided to put five housemates from the Diamond house on the chopping block, the Head of House had five housemates to select from who he would replace in Selly’s place.
He was supposed to choose from Beverly, Bassey, Dillish, Hakeem and himself. He could not pick Beverly because they come from the same country and that’s pretty well understandable, he could not pick Bassey because he comes from West Africa, Dillish comes from the Southern part of Africa but she’s a very good friend of Melvin so probably he could not put her on the chopping block and the fact that he could not put him self up, the only option was Hakeem.
However this did not at all make the two Ruby smokers happy and in fact Bimp consoled Cleo after her lover had been evicted from the house, most of the Big Brother Africa fans were also not happy with it.
This may also try to mean that he also saved Sierra Leone’s Bolt on the same ground of him coming from West Africa. During his Nomination Session yesterday, the young Tanzanian nominated Melvin and gave Big Brother a reason that he is nominating Melvin because he considers regions where housemates come from when making some of his decisions as the Head of House.
When Ethiopia’s Bimp came to the Diary Room for his Nomination Session, he also nominated Melvin and gave a reason that he thinks Melvin is competition, but who knew that Bimp could nominate a guy who has been his friend almost since the day when Melvin was swapped to Diamond house in the first week of The Chase.
Could one of the hidden reasons as to why Bimp nominated Melvin be that he expected Melvin to save him last week given the fact that they are very good friends but he didn’t?
Could the second reason as to why Bimp nominated Melvin be attached to Melvin’s Save and Replace decision last week on Monday when he put up the young Zimbabwean Hakeem for posible eviction basing on the whole region stuff?
To further prove that Bimp was not happy with the way Head of House Melvin made his Save and Replace, during his Diary Session yesterday in the afternoon, he told Big Brother that he does not believe in the whole region stuff.”I believe that it’s one Africa and one love”, he further told Biggie.
However Melvin did something that only needs a heroe to be done yesterday night, he refused to use his Head of House power to save him self. But can that mean that there won’t be no more basing on regions while making decisions?

Feza Thanks Africa For The Support And Love

Feza Kessy From Tanzania

feza kessyLast Sunday, the agonizing reality that East Africa was out of Big Brother Africa-The Chase hit us very badly. Almost a week later we are still reeling from our squashed dreams that the prize money would come to the 255.Our only hope Tanzania’s Feza was kicked out of the BBA house but was received like a hero both in her country and East Africa.
In an interview with the Pulse Feza talked about how sad she was to leave the the house as it was only two weeks to the finale.She was however glad that East Africa had got her back.
“I must thank Africa for keeping me in the Chase.I was so shocked that I had so many Kenyan supporters.Nairobi is my second home and I must say,i did my best to represent my fans.
This is what caught my eye”I grew up in Kenya where i studied in several schools including Senior Chief Koinange Girls High School Kiambu”
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Polls: BBA The Chase: One Week To Go!!

BBA The Chase: One Week To Go!!

It has officially remained one week and a few days to the end of BBA The Chase. It has indeed been a thrill-some chase as only 7 contestants have survived eviction since the beginning of the show. Who will be evicted this Sunday?


Africa Has Its Say

From the ongoing polls on our site, these are the results of this week's voting. 

Whom Do You Save?

  • Angelo   48%
  • Dillish     40%
  • Bimp       15%

Whom Do You Vote Out?

  • Bimp       42%
  • Dillish     40%
  • Angelo    35%
From the polls, it is obvious that Bimp will be sent packing. We wish him a safe journey as we await the final winner of Big Brother Africa The Chase.

BBA The Chase Blogspot

Nominations: Three heads on the chopping block

Nominations: Three heads on the chopping block
Stressed out does not even begin to describe how some of the Chasemates are feeling today. The tension in the air inside of the Big Brother House was so thick that you could cut through it with a butter knife.

Earlier in the day Head of House Elikem got the most votes from his fellow Housemates during Nominations. This evening he used his 'Save and Replace' power to shield himself and throw Angelo under the bus. This means that the South African is up for possible Eviction this week along with Bimp and Dillish.

Today's Nominations were the most emotional of the season, all of the Housemates know just how crucial this week's Nominations are; as they are the last of the season. As soon as Elikem came out of the Diary Room there was visible worry on the Chasemates’ faces as no one feels safe right now.

Straight after the Live Nominations wrapped up; a stressed out Dillish and Bimp headed into the bathroom to console each other. "I am being Chased," exclaimed Dillish. The fates of Angelo, Bimp and Dillish in The Chase are now in the hands of Africa. Who will make it to the top five and whose Chase is coming to an end this Sunday?

The Nominees are...

Angelo, Bimp and Dillish are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

Stay tuned to DStv channels 197 and 198 for all your Big Brother Africa The Chase action or catch the daily shows on Africa Magic Entertainment (DStv channel 150) at 20:00 CAT.

BBA The Chase Polls: Goodbye Feza

BBA The Chase Polls


Day 69 it is!! As the chase nears its end, we will have a long wait before we get another thrilling season 9 of Big Brother Africa but, who will be headed home tonight?

End of Week Polls:

Whom to Evict

Feza      62%
Dillish   27%
Cleo      20%

Whom to Save

Feza      26%
Dillish   48%
Cleo      35%

Africa Has Its Say

From the results of this week's voting, it is evident that Feza will be headed home this Sunday. Africa has had a tough time voting this week for their favourite contestant. We would like to thank Africa for supporting their favourite contestant, as well as voting out the contestant whom they don't like.

BBA The Chase Blogspot

Whom Would You Like Evicted from The House?

Who Are You Saving From Eviction?

Who is the Most Beautiful lady in Big Brother Hotshots?

Who is the Most Handsome Guy in BBHotshots?

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