Watch Mandla and Lexi Shower Hour Video

Mandla and Lexi 

If you have been watching Big Brother Mzansi, then you already know who Mandla and Lexi are. The two form Mandlex, currently the most popular couple contestant in Big Brother Mzansi, a Big Brother show limited to South Africans only. 

Big Brother Angola might be coming soon to your screen. Mzansi Gossip polls indicate that Mandla is currently the most popular male contestant in Big Brother Mzansi. It is not a surprise that Lexi is the most popular female contestant too in Mzansi. 

Mandla and Lexi Shower Hour 

There has been an outcry over Mandla and Lexi's shower hour, in Mzansi. Most people have been asking about the protection the two contestant ought to have used, keeping in mind what they did. If you don't know what happened, this post is for you. 

Shower Hour Video, Day 39 Un-Cut

Most mzansi fans who were up that night got lucky and saw what happened during that night. What was more interesting was watching contestants Poolie and Kat watching the actions from outside. If you didn't see the actions, you may want to see Mandla and Lexi's pictures here. For the video, click on the link down below.

Download Mandla and Lexi Shower hour Video

See Mandla and Lexi Shower Hour Pictures

mandla and lexi shower hour

mandla and lexi shower hour

Latest from Mandlex !!!  Kat tries unsuccessfully stopping Mandla and Lexi from having Sexx

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  1. GeEz..lexi ddnt sh tke a tym 2 thng abou ha reputation???

  2. That lexie bitch is a magosha type

  3. Lexie iz goin to the street after dis bbm

  4. Lexi is having fun its nt lik she's doing something illegal nd uncommon . Its life sex is her physical need

  5. Joh Mandla was hungry and Lexi gave him food, a real woman never lets her man stay hungry

  6. M nt suprised..she's a street kid remember

  7. Being a street kid has nothing to do with her actions, let God be the judge and you? Keep your comments to yourself. The fact that you went looking for the video shows a lot about your character.

  8. Viewing the video is as bad as acting out the adultery... Turn a blind eye towards bad things and hold your tongue where you have no good things to say.

  9. Being a street kid has nothing to do with her actions, let God be the judge and you? Keep your comments to yourself. The fact that you went looking for the video shows a lot about your character.

  10. we are all adults so let lexi and worry about it so dont judge

  11. Lol the only dif btn sme of url bitches n lexie z dat u nt on Tv n sh z, n besyd dat url bitchin, so drop t cz in the face of da lord all z seen

  12. Lool n wat r u , cz u also getn shagged 2 n da only diff z dat u nt seen bt b4 Lord u r, so drop t n go get shagged urslf

  13. I so wish I was mandla just for that moment I like lexi wish that was me n lexi

  14. awu bathing who are we to judge?

  15. Mmmmh I wish I was lexi n tht was me n mandla

  16. They are really in luv

  17. Wow ya neh.....

  18. No surprise here..Mandla would never bed a girl like Lexi outside BBM so he seized the moment. Lexi said she can have Mandla whenever she wants... Its just sad that they didn't use a condom....especially since Mandla has a gf and a child.......then again Lexi did say she sleeps with 5 guys in a day..mxm

  19. Pls mind ur biz .tjoo leave her alone hle .its her body

  20. Guyz pls lets not blame Lexy for having sex with Mandla, thats their agreement. It Natural. Lexy need a baby with Mandla.

  21. Guyz I love mk he is a gud guy frm us

  22. Shame umandla u have a big dick dear

  23. Sorry mzamo u won't get it

  24. guess what de ws no condom when Lexy nd Mandla do dat thing Big Brother hse they wll come out with HIV & Aids, STI's pregnancy shame poor Bobo

  25. yes we all do have sex.however i think they should hv waited till they wer both outside.mandla hs a mother,imagine hw disgraceful it is to see ths.we are african pple lets nt forget tht.

  26. jhoooona! mandla has u huge dick 4 such a young man... geez, lexi had a feast la! enjoy it wyl it lasts gal.....


  28. SO SAD THOUGH LET DOWN TO THE COLOUREDS THATS WHY THEY ALWAYS CLASS US............................................. NOT ON LEXI

  29. Yoh......dis is jst nt on .....coloureds dey jst lack morals n lexi jst increased da number...sies maan

  30. Gud 1, yazi most gals who call lexi a bitch mainly mst of dem r seen who dey r en cnt tke da heat of it, so wat dey end up doing is h8 lexi mre.

  31. Her back ground has nuthn 2 do wit her hvin sex wit Mandla. Ppl lyk actn holy holy wen dey nt.

  32. I call it true love & trust me! nothing ever gets between a couple that express theirselves anyhow/anywhere. @ those who have silly comments I just wish they will invite ur'll in their wedding. Lexi knws hw 2 please a man jealous down people. They is nothing wrong getting wild in a relationship. Big up mandla! I salute you.

  33. Mandla wow kb

  34. Lexi and Mandla r totally naughty. I'm so surprised n shocked to wat I saw

  35. Lexi and Mandla r totally naughty. I'm so surprised n shocked to wat I saw

  36. Lexi n Mandla I'm totally 100% voting 4 u guys

  37. I don't judge bt dey shud hv used a condom _ dis is shit , one if dem wil cry tears after da game

  38. I personally feel that there's nothing wrong with what happened by da way every 1 has a needs and feelings ppl let's respect their decision

  39. Love you lexi n mandla...she's a bitch bcz she had sex wt mandla? Well den evry1 z a bitch including u cz u also get laid

  40. All those throwing stones at lexi I hope u are virgins

  41. Lmao,personally I wouldn't do what lexi did,but it gives m no ryt to judge,lexi is a grown ass woman,and if this is her mistake,then let it b her mistake....if she cums out pregnant,big deal? Atleast she will knw who the father is....mandla and lex....I hope it was worth it bcz ur lives have changed nw...I'll be voting for u two ....

  42. Yep. Taking the president's shower thingamajik one step further. Not showering after the encounter, but while doing it.

    I hope you are proud of yourself Mr. President.

  43. Lol mandlex I always knew that they had sexual feelings for eachother it was about time they expressed it, but the fact that they didn't use a condom is a dissappointment

  44. Lol d@ a fact

  45. Mandla found himself some milk and honey in the house,I would neva say No too.

  46. I thnk mandla and lexi enjoyed them sefles so if u busy talking nasty u ar deffinetly jelous and hungry for mandla#thato#

  47. Yes,i have sex with my fiancé frequently,the nly difference btwn me and Lexi is that I wouldnt have sex infront of my inlaws,my parents,my family,my friends.She has no respect for herslf and neither does Mandla.Do they think HIV IS A MYTH?Having UNPROTECTED sex infront of the whole world,well done!

  48. Both there r wrong they cnt have sex infront of the world I'm so disappointed really every1 is whtching even parents,oh my God

  49. It means thy love nd trust each other havin sex without a condom so plz if yu dnt lyk em 2gethr is yo own prblm coz,Mamdla choz Lexi amongst all ta girls in ta house

  50. Thy just hv fun thy ddnt get sex for long time nw enjoy Mandla

  51. Jealousy will take you nowhere guys laxi was impressing mandla she's is not like kat playing for sol

  52. Actually who are we to judge...their freedom...their choice...i wouldnt mind getting under dose two legs of lexie myself!!!

  53. She has no selfrespect period! Even all the money in the world won't have me losing my decency.She is loose and klaar

  54. A woman,is supposed to treasure her body ur actions has consequenses and lexi is tarnished her selfworth.Saw the shower episode and I am appauled to think that is a future wife/ mother... Disgustingly sad,sies' my matter where she is frm

  55. FYI her behaviour maybe what u applaud,but all women ate by her cheap ways be labelled ,mbe we should' play the blaming game but her actions and behaviour says a lot what she went thru but its inexcusable and she had to unconcerned what the reason,be the opposite if u knw why I mean

  56. Hmmm u another loose lexi I take

  57. She did coz thahts what she knows .maybe u too

  58. Mandla had as much blame ad her,who kneaded where and being that easy,and with whom she has been with.and she seems unhappy and wouldn't think twice fighting my mother ,no selfrespect or low selfesteem if any

  59. Wise,,let's not start racist comments plz???? Maybe if blacks learn to read,u' d knw yet u texting ok???// sad blcks

  60. Blacks are filthy mistakes frm god, I wish they just all disappear!@@@@

  61. To each their own ,easy remain cheap Lmao

  62. Joh!!! they are mos not lekker in their heads they made us lus for sex f*cking idiots its wrong doing it in public I agree but fokkit people are already talking kak about coloureds especially cape coloureds and now this.....its nothing but did bb have to show it, like really now? or he wished he could join in the F- perv!!!!!!!!!! I'll do lexi still and Mandla in the hol bring him to cape town asseblief

  63. Crazy how ppl complain abt dem two having unprotected sex as if we protectng ourselvs-big brother contestants hv always had sex on screen,hence age restriction 18"y'al make it seem lyk dey r de first-remember Mwisho nd Muriel** nd does bringing up racial comments*y'all r jst plain foolish"**

  64. Why people are blaming Lexi, you look at yourself first before you judge others, why waste your time and watch this video it means you have a problem yourself.

  65. Whr dd uU c it dd h give it 2 ya?! Cz uU sayiN' it's big

  66. Yah, coloreds are cheap they always think they are closer to being white. Maybe lexi had beer before the shower cos they can't go a day without it.

  67. Tjo sex on national tv dats disgusting period...

  68. correct, she didn't think about what would happen to her if she did not win the entire country sees her as a material woman, something you can just use and dispose

  69. Nyc one guyz

  70. great sex from these two. Lexi enjoyed Mandela's meat. when you are that turned on you are not thinking about a condom. Mandela was banging away and Lexi was loving every bit of it.

  71. Ijooh lexi is so cheap shame . I'm not judging but that's a fact. Disgusting! !!!!!!!

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