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Pokello and Cleo Shower Hour Video BBA The Chase

Shower Hour; Pokello, Cleo 

Cleo From Namibia

Is Cleo shy or does she has a blush-y permanent face? She is like ever smiling, a face full of expression all the time. This video was not very vivid but it sure lives up to the expectation. The scene begins with Cleo, soaping herself. She is too careful not to scrub her butt-crack for too long.

Its like the camera is placed behind the mirror, as Cleo stares at it all the time. She moves her body into posses, as she looks at herself (in the camera). All this time she showers with her pants on. Who does that in the 21st Century?
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Pokello From Zimbabwe

We have had enough of Pokello already. One tape and we are all done with her. Regarding her career and future plans, Pokello has the ball in her court. She has to deal with her consequences and deal with them hard. She is seen bathing in a bathtub, comfortably seated.


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