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BBA 8 Winner visits Italy with Her Namibian Crew. Check Them Out As They Tour the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Dillish Mathews and her crew are living the life now. They decided to visit Italy for her birthday and holiday, and they are yet to see Beyonce perform live!

It is true that Dillish is the African Beyonce, but she is very determined to get Tyra Banks too to get her attention. Dillish Mathews was accompanied by Maria Nepembe and her other Namibian friends, see how they are enjoying themselves in Italy. They are living the life!

New Dates Announced: Big Brother Africa will now begin on October 5th!

News Dates For Big Brother HotShots Announced 

big brother hotshots

Here are some good news for Fans of Big Brother Africa. 

M-Net and Endemol South Africa are delighted to confirm that a new Big Brother house has been found and is located in Johannesburg, South Africa following the devastating fire that demolished the original house on September 2.

The search was concluded after exploring all possible options both locally and internationally, for a suitable venue to produce the 9th season of Africa's biggest reality show.

M-Net and Endemol SA are pleased to announce that Big Brother Hotshots will officially launch on Sunday, October 5 at 19:00 CAT.

As they countdown to the launch, fans across the continent can look forward to some pleasant surprises in true Biggie fashion.

The producers wish to thank fans far and wide for all the patience and continuous support over the past few days.

Big Brother Africa - Kenya

BBA Expected to Start Early October

We can confirm that @BigBroAfrica is due to start early October and housemates are safe, still in SA, and being kept comfortable.

We are very hopeful that Rwanda and Sierra Leone will be able to join again if alternate arrangement can be made concerning travel bans to SA from Ebola affected countries like Sierra Leone.

Except for the Visa issues, there is no other reason why Rwanda won't be able to join, so let's hold thumbs that production is pulling out all the stops to make it happen.

BBA Stargame's Prezzo from Kenya is EXPOSED as Dead Beat Father...

A new Facebook group called Dead Beat Kenya is being used as an avenue to expose 'bad and irresponsible fathers' who may have left their girlfriend/wives with the burden of raising their children without offering support.

The Facebook group already had thousands of members, but is now getting the public eye as renowned persons are being exposed by their baby momas as being irresponsible fathers.

"How can you leave your woman to raise your child without offering any support? It is not like they are unable to offer support in raising the child, but they just don't bother". One Jackson Makini, A.K.A Prezzo thrilled many during the Big Brother Africa Stargame.

Prezzo from Kenya came close to winning the ultimate price of USD 300,000 from Biggie of Big Brother Africa, but was beaten to it by Keagan. While many love him for his music and celeb status, his clande back at home is not impressed by him. Here is what she says...
You all know this monster called Jackson Ngechu Kimotho Makini aka Prezzo. I have not seen or communicated with him since my daughter was 2 years. I finally took him to court to pay child support and upkeep of the child and up to date he hasn't paid me a dime. Not like he did when we were married. Finally got divorced and full custody of my daughter. He goes around TV and since he is able to hld a mic or have fake written interviews he is always claiming to be taking his daughter to the best school in Kenya and that she is her princess spoils her rotten. He has never paid her fees, never paid any dime for her up keep all this is my sweat and my blessed parents and family support. I don't need to communicate with him but I wanted to have this space to let you all know that this guy instead chooses to go around with women and lie to them how rich he is and yet he doesn't  have anything and stays at his mum's house. So when you all hear how he does and loves his daughter please don't be fooled. Soon I will take further action on him. I don't need anything from him at all, I just want him to stop running his mouth and taking credit and stop lying to the world just because I don't like the limelight and I am not and have no interest to ever show my face out there. I never did and never want to. He borrows money from women. I don't know how many lies he says to them but once I got called by a girl when my daughter was 2yrs and she says he borrowed money to pay my daughters school fees. Honestly I want him to pay heavily for all the lies he has managed to tell the world. I get asked if a school is his cause oof his last name not rue at all. I get asked so many questions but I thank God. I am not known out there so I live a very normal life and happy for sure. Actually, my daughter doesn't know him as his dad. She just doesn't know him at all. Fake ass monster. 
Remember how Prezzo was chastising Barbs in Big Brother Africa? Wonders will never cease.

Dillis, Maria Nepembe and others jet out to Italy to celebrate birthday. She's blowing money ohh...

The Chase Winner, Dillish Mathews has been planning to go to Milan, Italy. For her birthday party. As we speak now, she is on a flight from South Africa to Italy, where she is accompanied by her friend, Maria Nepemebe among others.

Dillish recently went to London after winning BBA The Chase and now she is flying to Italy, critics suggest that she is spending too much money on  "insignificant things". A quick look at her facebook profile and you will see people calling her names.

Dillish is said to be using dirty money to go on lavish trips across the world. Credible sources say that Dillish dumped Stephen because he was broke. 'She can now hang out with billionaires who will be sponsoring her to go anywhere in this world'.

While Dillish appeared to be hustling for her own money after establishing a high end salon in Namibia, we are yet to be informed on how much she would be making from the salon. If she was spending her USD 300,00 prize money, would it be ending any time soon?

The pic was posted on her Facebook page while on a business ticket flight from South Africa to Italy. Here is what she says...
Late night flight to #Italy , #Milan this is the best way to celebrate my birthday going with Maria, Tjuna , kaseli and Antonia already boarded her flight in cape town. Bye ya'll.
PS: I feel sorry for the business class cabin crew tonight lmao. We are wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild

Nando won't be going to Big Brother HotShots

nando big brother hotshots

BBAKenya has just confirmed that Ammy Nando, former contestant from Tanzania will not be attending Big Brother Hotshot, which is about to premier next month.

Nando who was disqualified from The Chase was banned from entering Big Brother Africa house ever again, unless the organizers review his application. Nando threatened to stab another contestant with a knife, and was later on found with a weapon inside the Big Brother Africa House

As the Hotshot house in South Africa went up in flames just the other day, the premier date has been postponed to a later date, yet to be announced. MNET directors have hinted that the current contestants are living in a hotel in South Africa.

Nando is currently not in South Africa, so he won't be in Big Brother Africa this year. We however hope he will be able to appear on another season. Biggie decided to choose new faces for this year's season of BBA.


Beverly's Nigeria may host BBA 9
Producers of the show just announced that the show; ‘BBA 9 – Hotshots’ will still go on despite the fire outbreak that forced the scheduled 7th September launch to be called off, however, news reaching out desk indicate that Nigeria could be the venue for the upcoming show!

Anne Sackey, Marketing and Communications Manager at MultiChoice Ghana, disclosed yesterday on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” that organizers of Big Brother Africa (Endemol SA and M-Net) are currently looking around South Africa and other African countries with adequate facilities to host the Big Brother Hotshot.

She pointed out that even though the organizers are searching for a different location in South Africa and other countries if they however find a suitable place in Nigeria, they will move to Nigeria to commence the reality show.

The contestants from all the participating countries are however in South Africa currently. This is to enable them sign the necessary contracts, go for photo-shoots for publicity, and get themselves oriented before the show takes place.

It is not yet known if the contestants will be allowed to go back to their various countries or continues to stay in South Africa until a venue is found and a new date is set for the show to begin.

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