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Macky2 and Sipe Getting Close

The creative spirit was still alive in the housemates as they gathered in the bedroom writing and sharing poetry. Kacey Moore, Ellah, Luis, Butterphly, Goitse and Arthur started a poetry writers' club and poured out their emotions penned in creative verse.

Arthur's poem hinged on his worry about the evictions on Sunday and was titled "If tomorrow comes". Luis shyly admitted that he was new to poetry before reading his work. Kacey Moore good-naturedly teased him: "Is it about somebody that we know?" implying that his poem was about Mira, which of course it was He grinned bashfully, before professing that this was the kind of writing he wanted to do. He said the club was teaching him a lot about rhyming and writing.

Kacey Moore also wrote a poem and dispensed advice to his fellow poets about the different forms of poetry and taught them about the Scottish poet, Robert Burns as well as American rapper 2Pac who had a message in his rapping that he was pushing and people did not pick up on until much later.

Ellah, who said she did not write a lot, had nevertheless written a poem before she came into the house which she wanted to share with the others. The poem focused on thanking God for where she was in life. Goitse had also shared her poem and there’s no doubt that they had shared deep emotions with one another. What did you think of the housemates' poetry?

Sipe was still in search of someone to write her love song, and she caught up to Macky2, asking him to help her out. They cosied-up on the couch, and he put pen to paper. The enigmatic Macky2 revealed that he was a realist and not a romantic, telling Sipe he did not believe in fantasy. He had a lot of good advice to give her about music genres and songwriting. What do you think of this development?

News - Talking Things Over

Since Sheillah found out that she was up for possible eviction this week, she has not been a consistently happy girl as she has been growing anxious about the possible events of Sunday evening. She expressed to Nhlanhla that she was sad about being nominated and Nhlanhla advised her not to stress about anything but that she should rather be positive and not preoccupy her mind with thoughts of the eviction show.

Sheillah was very upset and felt that Nhlanhla was dismissing her feelings by not allowing her to wallow in her emotions for as long as she felt she needed to. Things got worse between the two when the housemates were deciding on this week’s wager. Sheillah disagreed that they should go for another 100% wager because of their previous loss. Nhlanhla responded and said that they shouldn’t dwell on past experiences. Sheillah was even more upset by this as she felt that Nhlanhla was being dismissive of her feelings, again. The two kept apart from each other as there was trouble in paradise.

A day later things changed as they had a moment to talk things over. Sheillah spoke about what she hadn’t appreciated about Nhlanhla’s cold shoulder and she recalled how he didn’t cuddle with her yesterday and was basically not about her when they went to bed. Nhlanhla also told her that he did not appreciate how she spoke to him and about him to her friends. The two had a long conversation over a tub of ice-cream and at the end of it all, all was sorted in their paradise.

They looked so cute together as Nhlanhla soon resumed flirting with his “wife”, kissing her arm and calling her “Shey”. What did you think of the two talking over their problems?

Day 24: Live Blog

17:37 JJ is in the diary room, telling Biggie that his reign as Head of House is going well. However, he thinks that people are not happy with him, because he is very strict.

17:19 Diary sessions with Big Brother continue.

17:00 The green team start working on a dance and the pink team gather around their drums to start working on a dance. Tayo is called into the diary room. He is missing home a lot this week.

16:42 Housemates gather in the living room, Big Brother reminds them that there is a crafted dance routine for tonight's performance.

16:22 Mr.265 is in the diary room. He likes honest people. "Big up to the Big Brother experience" he is loving the time in the house.

16:13 Butterphly is doing well, or so she tells Biggie. She talks about the long standing thing between Mr.265 and her, she broke down a bit this morning.

16:10 Kacey Moore talks about staying grounded and his wife and daughter.

15:55 Sheillah talks about tolerance, acceptance and then friendship. She talks about her friendships in the house. She chats about her and Nhlanhla flirting with each other.

15:49 Trezagah feels there is a lot of pressure in the house and how people have changed.

15:34 Samantha discusses peoples personalities in the house, She discusses the Goitse, Idris and Permithias situation. She says that people are definitely playing their game. She also discusses her relationship with JJ.

15:29 "A tired looking Macky 2 in the diary room today." Macky 2 says that they are prepared for the wage task tonight.

15:22 Sipe observes that Nhlanhla keeps trying to annoy her, she chooses not to "stoop to his level." Biggie asks her about the one thing she has most learned about herself in the house. She says that she has learned to stand up for herself.

15:13 Food is served in the living room and everyone is eating, obviously starving after their practising. Idris is called into the diary room. He says that he is enjoying himself and has accepted what has happened with Goitse. "Can you say Mister Idris?"

15:05 Permithias is called back into the diary room. He says that there is a lot of tension building in the house between JJ and several housemates. He feels it has something to do with Samantha.

14:57 Permithias is in the diary room, he has to sort out his transmitter. He is sent out of the room by Biggie.

14:20 The pink team practise in the garden. Sheillah has powder on her head, a novel way to protect her newly shaved head from the sun.

14:00 Kacey and Samantha talk about how JJ is avoiding Samantha.

13:45 Nhlanhla and Sheillah discuss how Arthur likes Sipe but Sipe likes Macky 2.

13:20 Tayo, Frankie, Permithis all discuss the Head of House and leadership qualities. They are discussing potentially confronting JJ as they think he is too bossy.

13:01 Nhlanhla and Sheillah are deep in conversation, she feeds him "When I look at you, I want you here" Nhlanhla to Sheillah.

12:52 M'am Bea shaves Tayo's while Butterphly catches a few minutes nap time (again). Samantha joins them and shares some snacks with them.

12:39 Permithias cozies up to Samantha while Luis, Mr.265, Sipe and Macky 2 talk about buying tickets for an event before a party as opposed to buying it at the event.

12:10 The pink group practise their track in the garden,

12:00 Macky 2 talks about going through passport control in Australia and how he was not allowed to perform there and was sent back, not being able to perform at a concert he was booked for, he spent 48 hours in a detention centre .

11:44 Rehearsals are in full swing, Trezagah spits out some lyrics in Portuguese to the throbbing beat...

11:08 The pink team gather in the living room to discuss their look while the other team play drums and dance in the garden.

11:00 JJ calls everyone into the living room to read out a task from Big Brother. Frankie holds everyone up, they have to call him a few times. They are to open the store room to get items supplied by Biggie for their look for the presentation.

10:43 Ellah, Kacey Moore and Arthur harmonize as they practise their song for the task presentation.

10:28 JJ: "Make sure you guys wash up after you are done." JJ and Nhlanhla make breakfast, meanwhile Kacey Moore and Arthur jam in the bedroom.

10:12 Sipe exclaims that she misses Alusa who would always say that she looks beautiful. Goitse tells her to hurry up with her make-up so they can go down for breakfast.

09:55 Permithias is setting fires in the kitchen, grilling steak. Nhlanhla is making french-fries and Arthur looks on. All of this food for breakfast? It looks like the hotshots are quickly forgetting how they ran out of food last week.

09:45 Samantha made sure not to miss her quiet time. She has shared with Biggie that her quiet time brings her back to focus.

09:40 Trezagah getting his morning exercise. Go boy!

09:30 JJ says he has close to 1000 songs recorded since he was 17 yeasr old! He just hasn't released an album yet.

09:24 It looks like housemates are individualy making their own breakfast or only making for their "friends". Sheillah is making eggs and offered to make Mr. 265 some as well. Wait, did he not just finish a bowl of cornflakes?

09:08 Kacey Moore is handling breakfast this morning. Some housemates have already made themselves bowls of cornflakes, such as Idris and Mr. 265.

08:50 Housemates were enjoying the session and were sad to have it end so soon. Clint promised to extend the work done on his next return. He hugs the housemates before he leaves.

08:40 Permithias and Kacey Moore already getting ahead and getting thumbs up from Clint.

08:30 Clint Brink is back in the house to guide housemates with practical acting skills. They are soon in pairs, picking scenes to execute on stage.

Is there potential for more than a Friendship?

For a while now we have noticed how Samantha has shown to have a soft spot for Idris and we have wondered if there could be more than what meets the eye from these two. Samantha has often simply referred to Idris as her “little brother”. We wonder how long this façade (if indeed it is) will last for as the two have upgraded their "brother and sister” relationship to sharing a bed together. Do siblings still do this sort of thing though?

At the beginning, the two did not spend much time together and Samantha was never as passionate about Idris as she is now. The South African lady quickly became preoccupied in the second week of the show, initially as the head of house. In the third week, she was seen allowing more time for herself and Idris to talk and bond. Things have since escalated as the two have been seen cuddling on each other’s beds and on the house. They have generally looked happy together! Take a look here:

Just yesterday, Samantha (and M’am Bea) offered their sympathy to Idris who was hard at work in the kitchen. He had to put in much more work as part of his punishment – which JJ was to oversee. And it was interesting that JJ was the one that would facilitate his punishment for his Friday drama. JJ made it clear that he was very interested in Samantha and this week, he mentioned how he disliked the fact that the young Idris hung around a lot with “his girl”.

It was interesting to watch the two bond and share laughter with each other. If anything was to develop between them, Samantha would have to make sure that JJ did not interfere and Idris would have to bury his interest on Goitse. Whilst Samantha calls Idris her “baby brother”, Idris merely believes they are close and cannot change their friendship to make JJ comfortable.

What do you make of these two? Do you think they will end as just frinds or siblings?

Tanzania's Laveda M4sturbating on Camera - video

Hell lets lose after the absolute vodka party which saw the Tanzanian housemate, Laveda tipsy and couldn’t hold it anymore. It got worse when the BBA cameras caught her masturbating. Twitter exploded immediately!!!

She had ALOT to drink and quietly threw her manners into the bin….atleast she excused herself to go upstairs and find a perfect bed to introduce her fingers to a very private part of hers.

Her fellow Tanzanian Idris’ bed was the perfect spot as she stripped and dug in without holding back her moans regardless of the housemates who were upstairs at the time.

Someone ran downstairs to inform Idris that his country mate was pleasuring herself…in front of everyone…ON HIS BED! and he lost it!! Angrily he said he had to stop her from embarrassing herself and Tanzania, screaming, “How can you m**turbate before everyone?”

Housemates had to hold him back from going upstairs because they feared he might attack her! Big Brother called Idris into the diary room to calm him down.Oblivious Laveda was still upstairs having her own “private” party.


Bebe Cool is only known for impregnating Young Girls - Evicted BBA's Esther

Ugandan Big Brother representative Esther who was recently evicted from the house just after two weeks in the house has no kind words for singer Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool had earlier on labelled Esther a Karaoke dancer who was embarrassing Uganda and deserved the boot thus urging Ugandans to instead vote for Ellah who was also up for possible eviction.

Esther who just arrived in the country seemed to be angered by Bebe Cool’s remarks and while addressing the press revealed that she is more famous than Bebe Cool since she is now known across the continent.

“No one in the house knew Bebe Cool.” A bitter Esther continued to say, “a 43-year old man who brings negative energy to whoever wants to prosper is not really a man. He is only known for impregnating young girls and cheating on his wife.”

Photos from BBA's Lilian's homecoming party on Friday...

Lilian's Homecoming Party at Fuse Bar and Lounge 

It was a refreshing reception last weekend for Lililan Afegbai who recently became one of the latest housemates to leave the Big Brother Africa Hotshots house. As is the custom, MultiChoice Nigeria threw her a homecoming party upon her return to Nigeria, like none other previously. The party which took place at the prestigious Fuse Bar and Lounge, in Victoria Island, Lagos, saw Lilian recalled her experience with nostalgia, how Big Brother Africa Hotshots has created a platform for her to showcase her talents to the world.

Speaking with the media shortly before the commencement of her homecoming party, an excited Lilian said she was in shock when she heard that she had been evicted from the Big Brother Africa reality show. Lilian, however, explained that the exposure and socio-cultural experience she was exposed to while in the house for two weeks has adequately fortified her with the resolve to pursue her career in acting, modeling and television production.

“When IK announced that I have been evicted from the house, my fans were also in shock, but I have come to accept that my awesome experience in the BBA house forms the bedrock for my talent and career development in showbiz, not just in Nigeria but across the continent,” she said. But as the reality show enters its 4th week, DStv’s Public Relations Manager, Caroline Oghuma said that more intrigues and surprises in the Big Brother Africa house await the housemates.

“MultiChoice, M-Net, and the show’s partners, work hard to make each season of Big Brother Africa bigger than the last – and we’ve really upped the ante this year,” she declared. The five ladies so far evicted from the Big Brother Hotshots house are Resa from Zambia, Mira from Mozambique, Lilian from Nigeria, Esther from Uganda and Sabina from Kenya. Currently, 28 year old Tayo from Nigeria is still in the Big Brother Africa reality show. A 1.93mtall model with a Higher National Diploma in Maritime Studies, Tayo, no doubt, stands out in a crowd

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