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WOAH! Huddah Moves Her Belly Seduct1vely in a New Video

Written By Nairobian Senior on Thursday, 24 April 2014 | 14:12

And she's back.... after deactivating her Twitter account for a few weeks. What is she bringing us this time round?

Well she has just posted a video, dancing seductively to a slow RnB jam, video courtesy of Ghafla.

Huddah shows us her hip-moving skills as she skill-fully sways her belly in what Ghafla terms 'A Shakira-like move'.

The video is short, we hope her fans enjoy it

See the video..

All Natural, No Make-Up, No Weave, See Dillish Mathews at her 'RAWEST'

Written By Nairobian Senior on Wednesday, 23 April 2014 | 11:24

AWW.. Maria Nepembe Falls into the loving Arms of Dilish's Ex Boyfriend

Not to start any gossip, but Maria Nepembe posted this picture, tightly hugging Stephen, former Dillish's husband. Dilish Mathews broke up with Stephen due to a small dispute early this year.
maria nepembe dillish

BBA Winner, 2030? See Dillish Mathew's Hot Younger Sister

Written By Nairobian Senior on Monday, 21 April 2014 | 14:56

They say beauty runs in the family, and for BBA 2013 winner, this just might be true. 

Dillish Mathew's younger sister shares as much enthusiasm as her as she flaunts her beauty on her Instagram page. 

She is already attracting huge attention to herself, from other countries like Nigeria thanks to her popular The Chase winner, Dillish. She is currently in Namibia.

If she ran for Big Brother Africa in future, would you vote for her to win, just like Dillish Mathews? 

See some hot pictures of Dillish Mathew's sister

look left
Happy Family: Dillish with her mum, and her younger sister, on the right

Huddah Monroe is Back! See the First Pictures she has Posted After Reactivating her Twitter Account

After deactivating her social media accounts, Huddah has now reactivated her Twitter account and people are having mixed reactions. 

While some say they have missed all her drama on Twitter, many people think she has changed. 

Gossip flying around is that Huddah met a rich Nigerian pastor who convinced her to close her social media accounts. 

The Nigerian pastor then took her to his church where he made Huddah Monroe to get saved. She then went ahead to join the choir of the church. 

While Huddah Monroe is yet to respond to these allegations, these are the first pictures she has posted on her Twitter page some hours ago. From the pictures below, it clearly seems like she has neither met any pastor, nor has she gotten saved.
Huddah Spotted with Annabel after cutting her hair,  before Easter Holiday

POKELLO SWAG ... Here are the latest Shoes Swag by Pokello [Pictures]

She goes by the name "Queen of Swagger All Day Every Day" on Instagram, and that is where she keeps us updated on what's CURRENTLY HOT in her shoe store. 

Remember Lexi from Big Brother Mzansi? Apparently, she is Pokello's 'groupie'. 

Lexi, who too happens to be a lover of shoes, followed her on Twitter. Pokello responded by following her back, and what we are all waiting to see is what the two Diva's will do next.

Here are the latest Shoe Swag this Easter from Pokello

LEARN AFRICAN LANGUAGES: The word "Big Brother" in All African Languages

How well do you know your African language? 

african languages
Let us teach each other our home language. Tell us how the term "Big Brother" would be said in your local African language.

Represent yourself,  your country and your local language. Be the first to write your Big Brother in your home language below.


Big Brother means 'Omsale Omkhulu' in  Luhya language, Kenya

BBA Will Start on 10th August After FIFA World Cup. Would You Rather Watch World Cup or BBA?


In BBA Season 9, I Expect

Favvourite BBA Winner?

In Season 9, Would you want a BBA All Stars Edition?

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