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8 Contestants are Up for eviction... A few housemates Will Be leaving This Sunday

It only remains 2 weeks before Big Brother Hotshots show comes to an end. Last week we had no evictions as 10 ex-bba housemates were brought in to join the final 10 housemates remaining in Big Brother Africa 2014.

Two or three contestants will be leaving the house this Sunday as we gear up for the ultimate end of what has been another amazing season of Big Brother Africa. So Africa, whom have you been voting for this week? Whom would you wish to leave the house this Sunday as we wait for the winner in the final week?

The 8 Housemates Nominated for Eviction are: 

  1. Ellah
  2. Goitse
  3. Idris
  4. JJ
  5. Sheillah
  6. Sipe
  7. Tayo
  8. Trezagah

Day 54 Live Blog

15:55 JJ enters the diary room and says the mood in the house is touchy-feely, with housemates tiptoeing around one another's emotions.

15:42 Trezagah is in the diary room. he feels that he is the calmest in the house. He said it was great to see his girlfriend, he feels lonely without her and looks at her photograph every night. He was sad that he couldn't see her as he was frozen when she was speaking.

15:39 Macky2 says that it was amazing and special to see his fiance. He feels the house is relaxed. He thinks that Sipe, Goitse and Sheillah could go. He discusses Sipe.

15:30 Sipe discusses Macky2 and says that it is tense in the house.

15:25 Idris is in the diary he vents about Goitse. He says that he is fixing his friendship with Ellah and that he hopes that she is being perceived well in Africa

15:15 Ellah feels like she is going to embrace her emotions this week. She doesn't know who will win.

15:03 Tayo is next up. He says he doesn't know who will be evicted and he also talks about his altercation with Sheillah.

15:02 M'am Bea has her diary session with figgie and she discusses her predictions for who she thinks will go out, she says Sheillah, Goitse and Nhlanhla.

14:55 Tayo, Ellah and others ALL are caught unawares by the new Ninja in the house, Trezagah who keeps sneaking stealthily into the jacuzzi and scaring everyone as they walk past the jacuzzi.

14:25 One love for Africa, the special guests leave the house.

14:25 They are having fun. Figgie calls the HoH into the diary room.

14:05 Diamond's team is in full swing.

13:43 The housemates are sounding amazing, Team Diamond and Team Fally Ipupa are sounding incredible. it is going to be a tough competition to judge.

13:14 The teams each work with their famous mentors

13:03 Diamond and Fally Ipupa are in the house to help with rehearsals.

13:00 Trezagah frightens the living ... out of JJ and Tayo by jumping out of the jacuzzi.

12:48 Goitse "evicts" M'am Bea. Biggies bird oversees the house.

12:32 Tayo tells Goitse about his childhood and the fact that he had an ulcer and explains how he had to eat every ten or fifteen minutes.

12:14 Ellah tells JJ that she was upset with him when he was Head of House.

12:02 Big Brother Africa has a new Hotshot...

11:57 JJ tickles Goitse while Idris and Ellah hug.

11:38 "Housemates freeze" Goitse's sister comes in "Africa loves you, your fans are crazy about you." "You want to taste the Dollazzz."

11:21 JJ and Butterphly chat while doing laundry, they apologise to each other for having offended each other.

11:13 Idris tries to take responsibility for messing Ellah around, he also tries to talk to Sipe about her sadness about Macky2.

10:58 Idris tries to kiss Ellah on the cheek but that does not go down too well, he pulls Butterphly away to talk to her.

10:43 What's become of the broken hearted.

10:23 Ellah does Sipe's make-up and tries to cheer her up as she is clearly still sad about Macky2.

10:15 Butterphly and Idris do a back-and-forth, Nhlanhla is still busy in the kitchen.

10:00 M'am Bea, Nhlanhla and Sheillah are busy-bees in the kitchen.

09:45 Butterphly has no words for Idris who is supposedly sulking outside. The latter was told by Ellah that he was the wrong element in her life.

09:30 Trezagah can be so silly sometimes! He just scared Idris and Nhlanhla by popping out of the Jacuzzi... when did he even sneak in there?

09:15 The boys get up to some weight-lifting outside.

09:00 Tayo decided to miss the dance morning session and instead settled for weight lifting, and also danced on his own inbetween.

08:45 Watch them dance!

08:30 Trezagah is having himself a good time!

08:15 Housemates are certainly dancing off their sleep!

Macky2's Bae is in the Building....

Early this morning Trezagah was treated to a lovely surprise as his wife arrived in the house, a right bundle of joy. She showered her husband with nothing but heartfelt love. By the looks of things romance was the theme of the day as Macky2’s lady love walked gracefully through the house to give him an endearing message from home.

As she sat down on the bed next to Macky2 her first words were, of course, that she loved and missed him. Although she confessed she was nervous she certainly didn’t show it as she held her composure. A stark contrast to Trezagah’s bubbly wife earlier who couldn’t contain her excitement for everyone, Macky2’s damsel spoke demurely and only to him and kept their moment an intimate one, even with Sipe lying next to him in the background.

She informed him of events back home, adding that many of their peers were walking down the aisle and building their families. She seemed to have been hinting at a little special something here but we’ll leave that to Macky2’s imagination. Sipe picked up on this and later on chirped that he should “put a ring on it” and that she would help him shop for a diamond fit for his queen.

Sipe along with rest of the housemates were struck by her beauty, style and grace and commended Macky2 for his stellar taste in a woman. Tayo even warned him, in not so many words, not to be led astray. Sipe was full of compliments, perhaps to mask her envy.

Where does Sipe's broken heart go?

sipe macky2

It’s been a tough day for Sipe. After seeing Macky2’s beaut of a girlfriend a number of truths hit home as she realised that perhaps the worst had happened; she had fallen for this unavailable man. As much as she tried to she couldn’t hide the fact that she felt jealous of Macky2’s relationship.

Sipe had approached Macky2 a couple of weeks into the game and struck up a friendship with the Zambian rapper. Charmed by his tall, dark and intense posture she could often be seen snuggled under a blanket next to him or nestled in his embrace as they slept. For all intents and purposes she was Macky2’s significant other inside the house. They didn’t make too much of a public show of it but she was the girl who certainly had her dibs on him.

There was a shift in her as Macky2’s guest left the house. Somewhat of a firebrand and self-proclaimed glam queen she withdrew into herself and poured herself a glass of red wine. The sisterhood was there for her to talk and so she did. With her esteem shot by the situation it drudged up old feelings of neglect, particularly the absence of a father in her life. She also wanted to believe that she was being led on but the truth is she always knew he had a girlfriend on the outside.

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